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Reilly should kill off the characters that are pointless to Days, such as
Abbey and Will, I'm sorry but that's
how I feel. But if it were up to me,
I would kill off Nicole, Mimi, Lexie
and Maya and whoever else. But Reilly
better not kill off Victor, the last
time his character was axed, the fans
were highly PO'd and wanted him back,
at least that's what I recall!! Killing
Abe off would be a disappointment, he's
been with Days for many years, yeah,
his character can be dull at times, but
he's still a major asset(sp) to Days.
My question is, if Abe is killed off,
who will Lexie be paired off with? There
are certain characters I DO NOT want to see axed, John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Rex, Cassie, Shawn, Phillip, Tony, Brady, Lucas and Sami. If I forgot anyone, I apologize, these are the characters I am more concerned about.
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