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Default If anything out that comes from this firestorm is that Race is still hot

Roseanne put her foot in her mouth gave the opportunists, and the lynching party their wish. African Americans have an unhappy experience in this country that is for sure. The Federal government failed to end slavery in 1787 at the time of constitution. The Federal government for 100 years failed to protect civil rights of African Americans and people of color. Racist cartoons and imagines dominated media until the mid 1980s. Yes all of these experiences have left a deep hurt in many communities of people of color.

What was Roseanne trying to do in the tweet about Valerie Jarret. Was it an attempt to criticize the Netflix deal involving the Obamas. The Obamas are out of office and have a right to make a deal. HOWEVER, I feel that Sarah Gilbert was using it to her advantage to get rid of Roseanne so it would become her show. I am also disgusted at the lynching party that has brutally attacked Roseanne. I am sure there are other people that Roseanne angered over the years that are taking part. You do not have buy her films or watch her that is your right. I still watch some Whoopi Goldberg films even if she does make really nasty comments. In dealing with racism I feel the 1970s was a far more mature time then todays lynching party
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