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Default Lucy and the Great Airport Chase

LOL this is a funny episode, lots of visual humor in this one. It's a spoof of the spy TV shows which were popular in the 60's. The funniest part is when they are riding on the luggage conveyor belt, and then they end up coming out on the luggage carousel.

I'm glad I finally bought these DVD's, I found a good deal on Deep Discount DVD. Not quite as good as The Lucy Show, but still there are many good episodes. And after six years of The Lucy Show, the formula was getting stale so it probably was a good idea to rename the series and change things up a bit. In The Lucy Show, Gale Gordon is Lucy's employer at the bank. Then all of a sudden in Here's Lucy, the two of them are relatives. They still work together, but now it's an employment agency.

MPI did good work with these DVD's, they usually do good quality DVD sets. Good picture and sound quality, uncut episodes. Family Affair is the same way.

To me, The Lucy Show and Here's Lucy are Lucy's best shows. I think she was funnier after she was on her own and split from Desi.
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