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Originally Posted by Lamont
the jokes really never did that to my knowledge

if u count up the average # of new threads per day
u will see that it usually takes SEVERAL days before the post is bumped off to page 2

AND i know that savageamusement was just leaving the jokes up for part of the day and then later on moving them to 1 big thread
so they really didnt bump anyones posts out of the way i can assure u

as for liking them or not, all i can say is that if you dont like ANY thread here-- just dont read it

noone forces us to read threads

there are SOME POSTERS here who I NEVER read what they say b/c its the same thing over and over and i know it all by now
Whatever you say Lamont. In this post, you were clearly making a case why Harvey's multiple joke threads caused no problems -- saying that they don't bump other threads down and got moved to the big thread later on, etc, etc.

You were saying more than you missed them. I could be wrong, but something tells me you were hoping that everyone would agree with you. Not that this board is into high drama or anything.
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