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Brian damage-
the thread is NOT disrespectful to TJ at all, noone questioned his call or his choice AT ALL, and clearly it is his board 100%

was saying that TJ was wrong in moving them, noone was calling any names or insulting anyone, or questioning any of the rules--
noone was showing ANY FORM of disrespect at all on this one---i was quite simply commenting that I "Missed" the jokes and others weighed in with their thoughts

this was NOT some big protest and not some form of mutiny, i was just saying that I missed the jokes. I am really sorry that you misread or misunderstood the thread or what was written on it

NOONE from what I read, "second guessed TJ or his choice AT ALL or in ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM!"
noone said anything about that, IN FACT if you READ what was written
you will see that people were talking about if they MISSED THEM OR NOT, nothing more--you are correct in saying that LILHAVE can STILL post them in 1 big thread, as tj stated---

perhaps he doesnt want to anymore, perhaps he doesnt think its worth it or perhaps he has NO MORE JOKES to tell?----i just dont know and cannot speak for him at all---i WISH that LILHAVE would keep on posting them--- EVEN IF IT HAS TO BE IN THE BIG THREAD! because they are cute

i was ONLY commenting that i "Missed them"--- you are misinterpreting what was written and for the record im NOT being disrespectful to you as a moderator either, just clarifying so that you understand the point of the thread-- Now let's not turn this into something that it isn't, or make a mountain out of a molehill


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