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Default Character Survivor Thread

This is the official thread where we vote on who will be kicked off the island. On this thread is where we will act out as our characters.

Characters may form alliances with other characters. Which would mean to team up and vote the same people as each other.
You may betray your alliance and vote your confidant' for you sneeky folks...

You are to remain in character for the entire game, you don't have to be in character outside this thread though.

If anyone has a question in the game, you can ask the host the question. Remember I am two different people (Host and Fonzie)

When you are voted off the island you can continue to speak but not vote in the thread (So you get to still take part in the game)

When there are two characters left, the characters who have been kicked off vote for who they want to win. and the remaining player is going to be crowned the title of survivor.

The voting will begin as soon as all of the character positions are filled. So until then, everyone who has signed up, start acting as your characters and begin talking.

Also, to sign up for the characters, go to the threadcalled Idea for Survivor, or you could use this link

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