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Default Re: Re: 2Trivia4Me CCR Round 3!

[QUOTE]Originally posted by King Istillgotit
Originally posted by Pat

B1) Ralph: “Did you get my letters?”
Producer: “Oh, yeah. You’re the guy who sends us the letters requesting a human sacrifice.”
Ralph: “Yeah”
Producer: “You know kid, with this show, we may be killing two birds with one stone.”
Ralph: “Wait a minute. You don’t think Fonzie’s going to make it.”
Producer: “Son, he doesn’t have a chance.”
Ralph: “Then why are you doing the show?”
Producer: “Because you wanted to see it” (40.1 miles)

B2) What was the first thing Marion gave Fonzie for luck? (45.2 miles)A kiss

B3) What episode was Arnold’s (The Arnold Takahashi we know and love) first appearance on Happy Days? (42.7 miles) Fearless Fonzarelli Pt 1

B4) In what episode did Fonzie first call Joanie “Shortcake”? (43.4 miles)

B5) What was the first advice Fonzie asked of Richie? (44.4 miles)If How to get c chicks

*BONUS 1) When Fonzie met Angela Prescott, what was the first thing he needed to learn and learn quick? (50 miles) If she was a stripper

*GAS STOP 1) What did Richie do to get his letterman sweater? (minus 16 miles, but you gas up)
Ran the track
King Istillgotit,
You already have stopped for gas.
For B2, I've looking for something she handed him
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