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Default Honeymooners TV Schedule (6/10-6/22) (INCLUDES DECADES SHOWING A NON-SYNDICATION ONE)


To see the last schedule (that is updated), click here:

Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden. Audrey Meadows as Alice Kramden. Art Carney as Ed Norton. Joyce Randolph as Trixie Norton.



Sat. June 15, 2019 11p #035 (aka #142) - "Unconventional Behavior": Ralph and Norton become joined at the wrists when Norton tries out his "trick handcuffs" in "Unconventional Behavior," which originally aired May 12, 1956. Aboard a train en route to the lodge's convention in Minneapolis, the guys look forward to "five days of hilarity" and try out some of the novelty items that Norton's brought along. But when Norton's handcuffs won't unlock (there is no key), he and Ralph become closer than they'd like. This scenario yields some memorable physical humor, including Norton trying to take his coat off and the guys trying to figure out some way to sleep in upper and lower berths. It also provides one of the series' all-time lines. "Mind if I smoke?" Norton asks a frustrated Ralph. "I don't care if you burn," Ralph fires back.

11:30p #036 (aka #143) - "The Bensonhurst Bomber": An argument in the pool hall and a joke about a man's name figure in "The Bensonhurst Bomber," which originally aired Sept. 8, 1956. Of all the guest characters on The Honeymooners, few names are more recognizable to fans than "Harvey," or, as Ralph pronounces it, "Har-vee!" In fact, it's that exaggerated pronunciation that gets Ralph in hot water when the towering bully Harvey challenges Ralph to a fight at Kelsey's Gym. As the showdown approaches, a nervous Ralph believes a wiser plan might be to leave town, but Norton insists he has to fight Harvey, especially since they're closing the pool hall in Ralph's honor. "If I fight that Harvey," Ralph replies, "they'll be closing it in my memory."



This schedule is for some Decades stations due to the fact that some local stations in some markets may also broadcast the Honeymooners and they may take exception to Decades wanting to show the show as well as the fact they may want to show other shows.

Mon. June 10, 2019 11p #106 (aka #105) – “A Weighty Problem (Part One)”: Ralph has to take a physical for the bus company and is informed that he has to diet or he would fail the physical and lose his job.

Tue. June 11, 2019 11p #107 – “A Weighty Problem (Part Two)”: Ralph is going crazy on his diet but manages to lose enough weight so he can pass the physical and still be a bus driver.

Wed. June 12, 2019 11p #95 (aka #76) - *“Move Uptown”: Ralph and Alice plan to move but must sublet their old apartment first. When they can't find a new tenant, Ralph tries to break the lease.

Thu. June 13, 2019 11p #100 (aka #108) – “Songs and Witty Sayings (Part One)”: Ralph and Norton team up for a contest hoping to win first prize. Against their husband's wishes, Alice and Trixie also enter the contest.

Fri. June 14, 2019 11p #101 – “Songs and Witty Sayings (Part Two)”: Ralph and Norton wake up the neighborhood practicing for the contest.

Mon. June 17, 2019 11p #47 (aka #107) - *“The Principle of the Thing”: To please Alice, Ralph decides to use rent money to fix up their apartment. GUEST STAR -Classic TV Tightwad - Jack Benny.

Tue. June 18, 2019 11p #48 (aka #157) - *“Finders Keepers”: Ralph and Norton want to buy a candy store. To raise the money, they participate in a contest to find $1,000 hidden somewhere in New York City.

Wed. June 19, 2019 11p #75 (aka #158) - *“Catch a Star”: At a Raccoon Lodge meeting, Ralph lies that he knows Jackie Gleason and can get him to appear at the Raccoon's annual dance. Desperately, Ralph and Norton go to the hotel where Gleason is staying and try to convince "The Great One" to appear. FUN FACT - Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, Audrey Meadows and Joyce Randolph play dual roles in this episode.

Thu. June 20, 2019 11p #80 (aka #159) - *“My Fair Landlord”: Ralph buys a two-family house and the Nortons become Ralph's tenants. After moving in, Norton tries to break his lease.

Fri. June 21, 2019 11p #??? (aka #157) - "Away We Go” (Part 1): The Kramdens and Nortons sail to Europe. Ralph and Ed set themselves adrift on a life boat.

*: This episode may be HEAVILY EDITED.

Schedule subject to change.

Credit I think goes to,, the Honeymooners Lost Episodes DVD Box Set,, the old,, & John K's Book To The Moon.

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