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Default The Honeymooners on Radio 1954. "Letter To The Boss" and "Love Letter"

When the The Honeymooners: Lost Episodes 1951-1957 DVD box set was released October 4, 2011, one of the many extras included was the unknown recordings of The Honeymooners to be broadcast as a radio show.

In 1954, during the height of popularity of The Honeymooners on The Jackie Gleason Show, CBS considered bringing The Honeymooners to radio.

To date, 2 recordings have been uncovered.
These were produced on 16" LPs by Audio-Video at 730 Fifth Avenue, NYC.
Note: researchers have never found proof that these recording ever aired on radio.

The first is “LETTER TO THE BOSS," an original radio recording.
Recorded May 6th, 1954 at Studio 60 at 7:30pm.
The LP is dated May 18, 1954. It appears this date was to be the air date.
The attached photo appears to be a admittance ticket from this recording event.
The plot: Ralph comes home in a rage after driving a bus for the Gotham Bus Company for nine years, he's been told to turn in his uniform.
With the help of Norton, they write Mr Marshall a scathing letter.
Run time: 35:07.

The second, “LOVE LETTER."
This audio is taken directly from the Jackie Gleason Show lost episode "Love Letter" dated October 4th, 1954. The audio is edited.
The LP is dated Dec. 8th, 1954. It appears this date was to be the air date.
Note: Perhaps the making of this radio program is why this Jackie Gleason Show episode was missing from Gleason’s vault, until found at the University of Georgia Peabody Archive in September 2004.
The plot: Alice borrows a cookbook from Trixie which contains a love letter written to Trixie by Ed years earlier.
Run time: 29:12.
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