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Originally Posted by thebigcookie
Has Shout ever done anything by CBS Paramount? Iím not aware of any shows they have done that were owned by CBS Paramount. VEI would make more sense since they have done a lot of CBS Paramount shows.
I know Shout has released 4 out of the 6 seasons of Webster and all of That Girl, both owned by CBS/Paramount. I'd just rather Happy Days be done with Shout! Factory so they can get the music rights and re-do the first few seasons' music edits. And also it'd be nice if they could do others like Petticoat Junction, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Love Boat and My Three Sons in complete series sets so at least they'd be out there and done. Shout should just get these from CBS/Paramount so they can release complete series sets.
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