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Customer Review Happy Days 3.0 out of 5 stars Another Great Season, Another so-so DVD Set., May 23, 2014
Although the picture does look fabulous and there are a lot of episodes I love.... CBS DVD/Paramount has yet again replace most (not all) the original music in the show with generic music. You still get a few original songs (ex. "Be My Valentine" and Potsie singing popular songs of the day). But for the most part it is disappointing regarding the replacement music - especially the little a-capella songs such as lines as "Cream In My Coffee" (Fonzie) and "Tea For Two" (Postie/Ralph). The worst scene is where Leather (and the band) go through the motions of playing/singing "Johnny B. Goode" with a generic instrumental (where Leather is seen moving her mouth to an instrumental!).... Of course as other reviewer has pointed out - there's only a piano instrumental during the flashback scene in "Richie's Accident" instead of Leather singing a touching song (what is the name of this song?) .... Overall I'd rate this a C only on the basis that the Music is replaced. The picture and episodes are still good (and for the most part unedited).....Somewhat disappointing after the improvement of Seasons 3 & 4.
ah the best episode remove leathers song, May 22, 2014 I watched my favorate episode from this season
'Richie almost dies, and the sadest scene music has been changed when leather sings , instead its changed by a piano music ,, ughit took away the whole emotional vigil, c'mon man !!!

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