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Hey i love everybody on this blog and i respect everybody way of thinking, all i was basically saying was i cannot support a company who betrayed the fan who buys there dvds and all i was saying was we have waited a long time and when you thank about happy days you mostly think about the founding fathers of tv meaning a classic and with a show like that it should be presented the way in which we all remembered i am just those type of people who sees the truth the way it is and not suggercoating it and i no that you all feel the same way, again i am not going to get myself stress out about this wherefore i cannot and will not support a company who continues to put out bad products and with any show to me it should be taking care of as i said once before and i am going to leave it like that wherefore i cannot see the series itself finishing or maybe it will which really depends how the sells go im not trying to be funny but being aware of the problem again if you all love the dvds i will not put you down because that was what you all wanted but again wherefore i am only speaking about me personally and not anybody else that i cannot stick with CBS not unless they change there ways of promoting there dvd but thank you all for having a better understanding and that is far as i will go
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