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Default Oddity about opening credits (Original run and USA Network run)

One thing I found odd about the opening credits to the show is that during the original ABC run, they were unusually short, but during the USA Network reruns, they were unusually long. What's up with that?

Season 1 opening (Original run)

Appears at 5:30-6:04

Season 2 opening (Original run)

Appears at 1:26-2:00

Season 3 opening (Original run)

Appears at 7:30-8:04

Season 1 opening (USA Network run)

Appears at 1:10-2:20

Season 2 opening (USA Network run)

Appears at 1:44-2:44

Season 3 opening (USA Network run)

Appears at 1:51-2:51

Any help regarding this oddity would be much appreciated.
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