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This is interesting, plus a cute picture of the kids during the first season in 1969.

The "Brady Kids" were going to do a sequence on the Today Show which was cancelled because Eve Plumb refuses to be on the same screen or space with Maureen McCormick (Marcia). One reason is that Maureen wrote a trashy book which she claims to have had a lesbian affair with Eve (when Maureen was 15 and Eve was 13). Ewww.

According to Susan Olsen, the two older girls have never liked eached other since the beginning and some of the venom you see between them, and especially from Eve was pretty real. Can't blame Eve, either way. Either the book is a lie, or it wasn't and it exposed a hidden secret that was no one's business in the first place. I used to think that Eve was the bi*ch of the bunch, now I have sympathy for her.

In all, Barry Williams and Christopher Knight are friends, while the youngest, Mike Lookinland is more distant but will do appearances for money. I think if the Brady's were a real family, then Susan would be the sibling who tries to keep everyone together and try to make peace between Maureen and Eve. The fued is something that keeps the other actors from doing joint appearances and making extra income. Except for Christopher Knight, none of the other kid actors are rich, some are quite middle class.

All in all, I don't think it would matter if Eve Plumb doesn't come as long as the interviewer doesn't ask about her or just says that she is "a private person. etc." Most of us boys who grew into men were really into Maureen McCormack, especially now that she has claimed to be a recovering bisexual crack whore. Yummy. She's the star and the interesting one.
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