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those is such a hard question to answer because there were so many i enjoyed but i will list a few

*the valentines day episode

* the st. patricks day episode (guest star eddie mecca)

*hot stuff

*the episode where fonzie meets the lone ranger

*morks SECOND appearance

*the episode where richie and ralph came home from the army,(the scene of the 4 of them singing blueberry hill together was FREAKIN AWESOME)

and finally the final episode passages.the wedding was great but at the end when tom bosley stepped out of character and made that toast,then they played memories by elvis and they showed clips of the past 11 seasons,i couldnt help it i just started crying because i grew up on that show they felt like family. and it brought tears to know that it was over. the only other final episode i remember crying at the end of was mash
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