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Default My Top 1000 Scripted TV Characters: Updated 03-24-2020

Top 10 Narrators and Anthology Hosts
1. Art Gilmore- Highway Patrol
2. Jack Webb- Dragnet (1951 and 1967)
3. Daniel Stern- The Wonder Years
4. Alfred Hitchcock- The Alfred Hitchcock Hour/Alfred Hitchcock Presents
5. Rod Serling- The Twilight Zone (1959)
6. Tim Doyle- The Kids Are Alright
7. Patricia Heaton- The Middle
8. Earl Hamner, Jr.- The Waltons
9. Richard E. Grant- Dispatches from Elsewhere
10. Gillian Anderson- The X-Files

Top 30 Animals and Miscellaneous Characters
1. Cat- Early Edition
2. Eddie (dog)- Frasier
3. Murray (dog)- Mad About You (1992)
4. Salem (cat)- Sabrina the Teenage Witch
5. Arnold Ziffel (pig)- Green Acres
6. Thing- The Addams Family (1964)
7. Happy (dog)- 7th Heaven
8. Spartan (horse)- Heartland
9. Phoenix (horse)- Heartland
10. Data’s cat- Star Trek: the Next Generation
11. Cousin Itt- The Addams Family (1964)
12. ALF (Gordon Shumway)- ALF (1986)
13. Dr. Rizzo (monkey)- Animal Practice
14. Drobney (duck)- Green Acres
15. Eleanor (cow)- Green Acres
16. Marissa’s seeing eye dog- Early Edition
17. Quincy (dog)- Coach
18. Mister Ed (horse)- Mister Ed
19. Kitty (lion)- The Addams Family (1964)
20. Salty (cat)- Caroline in the City
21. Lucky (cat)- ALF (1986)
22. Chance (cow)- The Waltons
23. Cat at vet’s office- Heartland
24. Sugarfoot (pony)- Heartland
25. Jasper (dog)- Bachelor Father
26. Remi (dog)- Heartland
27. Colin Firth (dog)- The Middle
28. Spot (dragon)- The Munsters
29. Cleopatra (plant)- The Addams Family (1964)
30. Mel’s seeing eye dog- Growing Up Fisher

Top 480 Male Characters
1. Lieutenant Columbo- Columbo 2. Gary Hobson- Early Edition 3. Frank Spencer- Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em 4. Basil Fawlty- Fawlty Towers 5. Benson DuBois- Benson 6. Dr. Frasier Crane- Frasier/Cheers/Wings 7. Deputy Barney Fife- The Andy Griffith Show 8. Dr. Niles Crane- Frasier 9. Lieutenant Commander Data- Star Trek: the Next Generation 10. Mr. Benjamin Sharofsky- Fame 11. Ricky Ricardo, Sr.- I Love Lucy/The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour 12. Fred Mertz- I Love Lucy/The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour 13. Special Agent Fox Mulder- The X-Files 14. Bruno Martelli- Fame 15. John-Boy Walton (Richard Thomas)- The Waltons 16. Commander/Captain Benjamin Sisko- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 17. Captain Jean-Luc Picard- Star Trek: the Next Generation 18. Alex P. Keaton- Family Ties 19. Brick Heck- The Middle 20. Nathan (Nate) Ford- Leverage 21. Governor Gene Gatling- Benson 22. Sheriff Andy Taylor- The Andy Griffith Show 23. Doctor Hologram- Star Trek: Voyager 24. Grandpa- The Waltons 25. “Fonzie” Arthur Fonzarelli- Happy Days 26. Colonel Sherman Potter- M*A*S*H 27. Sergeant Joe Friday (Jack Webb)- Dragnet 28. Don Mathews- Highway Patrol 29. Alec Hardison- Leverage 30. Gomer Pyle- Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C./The Andy Griffith Show 31. Dr. Johnny Fever- WKRP in Cincinnati 32. Mr. Arthur Carlson- WKRP in Cincinnati 33. Special Agent Jack Malone- Without a Trace 34. Davis Quinton- Corner Gas 35. Brent Leroy- Corner Gas 36. Mr. George Feeny- Boy Meets World 37. Mr. Charlie Moore- Head of the Class 38. Cosmo Kramer- Seinfeld 39. Hayden Fox- Coach 40. Luther Van Dam- Coach 41. Dauber (Michael) Dybinski- Coach 42. Robert Barone- Everybody Loves Raymond 43. Mr. Philip Drummond- Diff’rent Strokes 44. President Tom Kirkman- Designated Survivor (ABC) 45. Les Nessman- WKRP in Cincinnati 46. Agent Jess LaCroix- FBI: Most Wanted 47. Martin Crane- Frasier 48. Mr. Adrian Monk- Monk 49. Bobby Donnell- The Practice 50. Agent Duncan Carlisle- Hostages 51. Major Anthony (Tony) Nelson- I Dream of Jeannie 52. Darrin Stephens (Dick York)- Bewitched 53. Dr. Alfred Bellows- I Dream of Jeannie 54. Detective Danny Reagan- Blue Bloods 55. Commissioner Frank Reagan- Blue Bloods 56. Ben Matlock- Matlock 57. Chuck Fishman- Early Edition 58. Kevin Arnold- The Wonder Years 59. Mr. Howard Cunningham- Happy Days 60. Mr. Lynn Belvedere- Mr. Belvedere 61. Mr. Giles French- Family Affair (1966) 62. Manuel- Fawlty Towers 63. Jimmy Berluti- The Practice 64. Lou Grant- Lou Grant/The Mary Tyler Moore Show 65. Burton Guster “Gus”- Psych 66. Cigarette Smoking Man (CGB Spender)- The X-Files 67. Walter O’Brien- Scorpion 68. Herman Munster- The Munsters 69. Jim Dial- Murphy Brown (1988) 70. Agent Jerome Daggett- DAG 71. Miles Silverberg- Murphy Brown (1988) 72. Arnold Horshack- Welcome Back, Kotter 73. Vinnie Barbarino- Welcome Back, Kotter 74. Grandpa- The Munsters 75. Stan Lansing- Murphy Brown (1988) 76. Paul Buchman- Mad About You (1992) 77. Special Agent Danny Taylor- Without a Trace 78. Antonio Scarpacci- Wings 79. Lowell Mather- Wings 80. John Walton, Sr.- The Waltons 81. Bentley Gregg- Bachelor Father 82. Detective Phil Fish- Barney Miller 83. Detective Nick Yemana- Barney Miller 84. Detective Arthur Dietrich- Barney Miller 85. Captain Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce- M*A*S*H 86. Tim the Tool Man Taylor- Home Improvement 87. Randy Taylor- Home Improvement 88. Dick Solomon- 3rd Rock from the Sun 89. Harry Solomon- 3rd Rock from the Sun 90. Sasha Beloff- Make It or Break It 91. Constable Odo- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 92. Jason Walton- The Waltons 93. Dr. Jason Seaver- Growing Pains 94. Cory Matthews- Boy Meets World 95. Mr. Jonathan Turner- Boy Meets World 96. Shawn Hunter- Boy Meets World 97. Richard Gilmore- Gilmore Girls (2000) 98. Eddie Sutton- Lincoln Heights 99. Wilson Wilson- Home Improvement 100. Mike Heck- The Middle 101. Detective Bobby Goren- Law and Order: Criminal Intent 102. Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold- Once Upon a Time 103. Prince Charming/David Nolan- Once Upon a Time 104. Chief John Sanders- Granite Flats 105. George Utley- Newhart 106. Bull Shannon- Night Court 107. Judge Harry Stone- Night Court 108. Dr. Neal Melendez- The Good Doctor 109. Cornelius Moss- Designated Survivor (ABC) 110. Rob Petrie- The Dick Van Dyke Show 111. Dr. Mark Sloane- Diagnosis Murder 112. Jonathan Smith- Highway to Heaven 113. Gomez Addams- The Addams Family (1964) 114. Larry, Daryl, and Daryl- Newhart 115. Dick Loudon- Newhart 116. Jody Patterson-Davis- Family Affair (1966) 117. Commander Will Riker- Star Trek: the Next Generation 118. Andy Travis- WKRP in Cincinnati 119. Officer Pete Malloy- Adam-12 120. Officer Jim Reed- Adam-12 121. Malcolm Bright- Prodigal Son 122. Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid- Criminal Minds 123. Detective Lennie Briscoe- Law and Order/Law and Order: Trial by Jury 124. Executive Assistant D.A. Jack McCoy- Law and Order 125. Steve Sloane- Diagnosis Murder 126. Andrew Lansing- Murphy Brown (1988) 127. Timmy Cleary- The Kids Are Alright 128. Arnold Jackson- Diff’rent Strokes 129. Wally Cleaver- Leave it to Beaver 130. Jerry Seinfeld- Seinfeld 131. Mr. J. Peterman- Seinfeld 132. Ethan West- Designated Survivor (ABC) 133. Seth Wright- Designated Survivor (ABC) 134. Dr. Jesse Travis- Diagnosis Murder 135. Freddie “Boom Boom” Washington- Welcome Back, Kotter 136. Jack Benny- The Jack Benny Program 137. Captain Barney Miller- Barney Miller 138. Opie Taylor- The Andy Griffith Show 139. Ira Buchman- Mad About You (1992) 140. Colonel John Camden- 7th Heaven 141. Detective Ron Harris- Barney Miller 142. Captain B.J. Hunnicut- M*A*S*H 143. Major Frank “Ferret Face” Burns- M*A*S*H 144. Major Charles Emerson Winchester III- M*A*S*H 145. Martin Bohm- Touch 146. Jason- Atlantis 147. Corporal Max Klinger- M*A*S*H 148. Willis Jackson- Diff’rent Strokes 149. Kramer Daly- Hostages 150. Joe Hackett- Wings 151. Frank Barone- Everybody Loves Raymond 152. Jake Bohm- Touch 153. Andrew- Touched by an Angel 154. Steven Keaton- Family Ties 155. Reverend Eric Camden- 7th Heaven 156. Dr. Mark Devanow- Mad About You (1992) 157. Tag Spence- The Middle 158. Sir Humphry Appleby- Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister 159. Jack Arnold- The Wonder Years 160. Very Special Agent Anthony (Tony) Dinozzo- NCIS 161. Lincoln Rhyme- Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector 162. Richard Castle- Castle 163. Senator Red Wheatus- BrainDead 164. Deep Throat- The X-Files 165. John Byers- The Lone Gunmen/The X-Files 166. Ringo Langly- The Lone Gunmen/The X-Files 167. Marvin Frohike- The Lone Gunmen/The X-Files 168. Special Agent Martin Fitzgerald- Without a Trace 169. Angus MacGyver- MacGyver (1985) 170. Officer Bill Gannon- Dragnet 171. John Kennish- Switched at Birth 172. Paul Hennessy- 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter 173. Uncle Bill Davis- Family Affair (1966) 174. Otis Campbell- The Andy Griffith Show 175. Officer/Sergeant Jamie Reagan- Blue Bloods 176. Clayton Endicott III- Benson 177. Arthur Milligan- Granite Flats 178. Captain Bobby Nash- 9-1-1 179. Captain Merrill Stubing- The Love Boat 180. Bartender Isaac Washington- The Love Boat 181. Dr. Adam Bricker- The Love Boat 182. Purser Gopher Smith- The Love Boat 183. Major Roger Healey- I Dream of Jeannie 184. Mac Robinson- Night Court 185. Yakov Korolenko- Night Court 186. Neil Caffrey- White Collar 187. Peter Burke- White Collar 188. Ben Stone- Manifest 189. Mork from Ork- Mork and Mindy/Happy Days 190. Eric Mardian- Head of the Class 191. Arvid Engen- Head of the Class 192. Jack Bartlett- Heartland 193. Ty Borden- Heartland 194. Henry Paget- Early Edition 195. Eliot Spencer- Leverage 196. Luke Danes- Gilmore Girls (2000) 197. Max Medina- Gilmore Girls (2000) 198. Carl Winslow- Family Matters 199. Brian Hackett- Wings 200. Waldo Geraldo Faldo- Family Matters 201. Leonard Knox- For the People 202. Agent Clinton Skye- FBI: Most Wanted 203. “Coach” Ernie Pantuzo- Cheers 204. George Costanza- Seinfeld 205. Detective Sergeant Chano Amenguale- Barney Miller 206. Peter Tong- Bachelor Father 207. Dr. Milton Winter- Believe 208. Gilligan- Gilligan’s Island 209. The Skipper (Jonas Grumby)- Gilligan’s Island 210. Michael Taylor- My Two Dads 211. Joey Harris- My Two Dads 212. Mr. Quentin Morloch- Fame 213. Patrick Jane- The Mentalist 214. Brad Taylor- Home Improvement 215. Al Borland- Home Improvement 216. Lieutenant Geordi LaForge- Star Trek: the Next Generation 217. Dr. Julian Bashir- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 218. Lieutenant Worf- Star Trek: the Next Generation/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 219. Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage)- Young Sheldon 220. Minister/Prime Minister James Hacker- Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister 221. Dr. John Sturgis- Young Sheldon 222. Grand Nagus Zek- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 223. Quark- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 224. Nog- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 225. Tuvok- Star Trek: Voyager 226. Jake Sisko- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 227. Mike Seaver- Growing Pains 228. Corporal Radar (Walter) O’Reilly- M*A*S*H 229. Captain Trapper John McIntyre- M*A*S*H 230. Colonel Flagg- M*A*S*H 231. Dr. Ducky (Donald) Mallard- NCIS 232. Leroy Johnson- Fame 233. Maxwell Sheffield- The Nanny 234. Uncle Arthur- Bewitched 235. Commander Chakotay- Star Trek: Voyager 236. Peter- Dispatches from Elsewhere 237. Holden Matthews- Beyond 238. Newman- Seinfeld 239. Simon Moon- Frasier 240. Norm Peterson- Cheers/Wings/Frasier 241. Kevin Kinkirk- 7th Heaven 242. Matt Camden- 7th Heaven 243. Rabbi Richard Glass- 7th Heaven 244. Roger Gunn- For the People 245. Brody “Baby Face” Nelson- CSI: Cyber 246. Daniel Krumitz- CSI: Cyber 247. J. Martin Bellamy- Resurrection 248. Shawn Spencer- Psych 249. Detective Carlton Lassiter “Lassie”- Psych 250. Jim Rockford- The Rockford Files 251. Jed Clampett- The Beverly Hillbillies 252. Alan Matthews- Boy Meets World 253. Frank Fontana- Murphy Brown (1988) 254. Stuart Best- Murphy Brown (1988) 255. Niles- The Nanny 256. Russell Greene- Promised Land/Touched by an Angel 257. Sylvester Dodd- Scorpion 258. Anthony Abetemarco- Blue Bloods 259. Abner Kravitz- Bewitched 260. King Richard- Galavant 261. Morty Seinfeld (Barney Martin)- Seinfeld 262. Jackie Chiles- Seinfeld 263. Mr. Eli Williams- Boy Meets World 264. Eddie Munster- The Munsters 265. Dennis Blunden- Head of the Class 266. Elim Garak- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 267. Chief Miles O’Brien- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Star Trek: the Next Generation 268. George Baxter- Hazel 269. Tom Corbett- The Courtship of Eddie’s Father 270. Eddie Corbett- The Courtship of Eddie’s Father 271. Rufus Carlin- Timeless 272. Juan Epstein- Welcome Back, Kotter 273. Oliver Douglas- Green Acres 274. Hank Kimball- Green Acres 275. Richie Cunningham- Happy Days 276. Captain Leland Stottlemeyer- Monk 277. Dr. Kroger- Monk 278. Ward Cleaver- Leave it to Beaver 279. Tom Bradford, Sr.- Eight is Enough 280. Patrick Quinn- Early Edition 281. Agent Omar Adom “OA” Zidan- FBI (2018) 282. Prince Galavant- Galavant 283. Reverend Fordwick- The Waltons 284. Jeff Foxworthy- The Jeff Foxworthy Show 285. Rochester Van Jones- The Jack Benny Program 286. Jim-Bob Walton- The Waltons 287. Brian Finch- Limitless 288. Judge Nicholas Byrne- For the People 289. Mark Callan- All Rise 290. The Professor (Roy Hinkley, Jr.)- Gilligan’s Island 291. Beaver (Theodore) Cleaver- Leave it to Beaver 292. Ted Baxter- The Mary Tyler Moore Show 293. Murray Slaughter- The Mary Tyler Moore Show 294. Sergeant Carter- Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. 295. Lurch- The Addams Family (1964) 296. Keith Partridge- The Partridge Family 297. Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake- M*A*S*H 298. Ralph Hinkley- The Greatest American Hero 299. Dr. Shaun Murphy- The Good Doctor 300. Willie Tanner- ALF (1986) 301. Nikolai Rostapovich- What a Country! 302. Tony Micelli- Who’s the Boss? 303. Max Sutton- Wind at my Back 304. Venus Flytrap (Gordon Sims)- WKRP in Cincinnati 305. Scott Cardinal- Heartland 306. Alvin Masterson- The Guardian 307. Mel Fisher- Growing Up Fisher 308. Henry Rush- Too Close for Comfort 309. Timmy Sanders- Granite Flats 310. Professor Stanfield Hargraves- Granite Flats 311. Michel Girard- Gilmore Girls (2000) 312. Dean Forester- Gilmore Girls (2000) 313. Taylor Doose- Gilmore Girls (2000) 314. Kirk Gleason- Gilmore Girls (2000) 315. Ezekiel “Easy” Boudreau- Proven Innocent 316. Gore Bellows- Proven Innocent 317. Agent Ken Crosby- FBI: Most Wanted 318. Detective Ed Green- Law and Order 319. Mark Gordon- Highway to Heaven 320. Ralph Dineen- Scorpion 321. Charles- Lincoln Heights 322. Fred- Abby’s 323. Harold Baxter- Hazel 324. Tyler Hudson- Matlock 325. Cal Stone- Manifest 326. Mr. Eustace Haney- Green Acres 327. Roy Biggins- Wings 328. Herb Tarlek- WKRP in Cincinnati 329. Hubert “Hub” Bailey- Wind at my Back 330. Sam Drucker- Green Acres/Petticoat Junction/The Beverly Hillbillies 331. Uncle Fester- The Addams Family (1964) 332. Mickey Abbott- Seinfeld 333. Dr. Jack Stewart- Diagnosis Murder 334. Jason Atwood- Designated Survivor (ABC) 335. Aaron Shore- Designated Survivor (ABC) 336. Buddy (Maurice) Sorrell- The Dick Van Dyke Show 337. Dr. Hank Hastings- 7th Heaven 338. George Cooper, Sr.- Young Sheldon 339. David Bellows- Life with Bonnie 340. Dr. Mark Molloy- Life with Bonnie 341. George Owens- Mr. Belvedere 342. Dr. Alex Park- The Good Doctor 343. Simon Camden- 7th Heaven 344. Wilson West- 7th Heaven 345. Robbie Palmer- 7th Heaven 346. Yellow Jacket- Beyond 347. Pete Downey- Benson 348. Ben Seaver- Growing Pains 349. Luke Brower- Growing Pains 350. William Cleary- The Kids Are Alright 351. Will Girardi- Joan of Arcadia 352. Ron Turk- Justice 353. Lieutenant Michael Tao- Major Crimes 354. Lieutenant Louie Provenza- Major Crimes 355. Rusty Beck- Major Crimes 356. Jimmy Chance- Raising Hope 357. Burt Chance- Raising Hope 358. Woody Boyd- Cheers/Frasier 359. Jacob Langston- Resurrection 360. Burt Buchman- Mad About You (1992) 361. Frederick McConnell- Mork and Mindy 362. Mr. Bickley- Mork and Mindy 363. Ralph Malph- Happy Days 364. Warren “Potsie” Weber- Happy Days 365. Darrin- The Middle 366. Detective Rey Curtis- Law and Order 367. Agent Cabe Gallo- Scorpion 368. Sergeant Hondo (Daniel) Harrelson- S.W.A.T. (2017) 369. Sergeant Deacon (David) Kay- S.W.A.T. (2017) 370. Supervising Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs- NCIS 371. Dr. Fulton- The Middle 372. Dr. Ted Goodwin- The Middle 373. Father Francis Mulcahy- M*A*S*H 374. Mel Cooley- The Dick Van Dyke Show 375. Peter Petrowski- 7th Heaven 376. Miller Redfield- Murphy Brown (1988) 377. Tommy Solomon- 3rd Rock from the Sun 378. Georgie Cooper, Jr.- Young Sheldon 379. Mr. Pitt- Seinfeld 380. Gus Witherspoon- Our House 381. Eugene Young- The Practice 382. Frank Costanza- Seinfeld 383. Ray DiMeo- Speechless 384. Travis Barnes- Switched at Birth 385. Kevin Owens- Mr. Belvedere 386. Gideon Reeves- APB 387. Dave Rygalski- Gilmore Girls (2000) 388. Mr. Gabe Kotter- Welcome Back, Kotter 389. Jeb Denton- Less Than Perfect 390. Will Butler- Less Than Perfect 391. Grandpa Charles Jackson- 7th Heaven 392. Mr. Bob Dyrenforth- Fame 393. Frederick Crane- Frasier 394. Henry Langston- Resurrection 395. Principal Bud McPherson- What a Country! 396. Ali Nadeem- What a Country! 397. Mozzie- White Collar 398. Cliff Clavin- Cheers/Wings/Frasier 399. Gil Chesterton- Frasier 400. Dr. Martin Whitly- Prodigal Son 401. Q- Star Trek: the Next Generation/Star Trek: Voyager/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 402. Assistant Director Walter Skinner- The X-Files 403. Toby Curtis- Scorpion 404. Ben Walton- The Waltons 405. Curt Willard (Tom Bower)- The Waltons 406. Nick Russo- Blossom 407. Anthony Russo- Blossom 408. Henry Reagan- Blue Bloods 409. Deputy Commissioner Garrett Moore- Blue Bloods 410. A.D.A. Peter Stone- Chicago Justice 411. Ozzie Nelson- Ozzie and Harriet 412. Lieutenant Randy Disher- Monk 413. C.P.O. Otto Sharkey- C.P.O. Sharkey 414. Charlie- The Cool Kids 415. Hank Yarbo- Corner Gas 416. Oscar Leroy- Corner Gas 417. Howie “Chimney” Han- 9-1-1 418. Paul Simms- The Paul Lynde Show 419. Charlie Hogan- Privileged 420. David Witherspoon- Our House 421. Sergeant Sid Gormley- Blue Bloods 422. Danny Amatullo- Fame 423. Ben Kinkirk- 7th Heaven 424. Detective Michael Britten- Awake 425. Hercules- Atlantis 426. Mr. Humphries- Are You Being Served? (1972) 427. Detective Stan “Wojo” Wojciehowicz- Barney Miller 428. Mike Cleary- The Kids Are Alright 429. Jim Powell- No Ordinary Family 430. Executive Assistant D.A. Ben Stone- Law and Order 431. Joe- Last Man Standing 432. George Steinbrenner- Seinfeld 433. Eddie Haskell- Leave it to Beaver 434. Larry Mondello- Leave it to Beaver 435. Dr. Cliff Huxtable- The Cosby Show 436. Theo Huxtable- The Cosby Show 437. Mark Keeler- Make It or Break It 438. Damon Young- Make It or Break It 439. Hirsch- WKRP in Cincinnati 440. Fredwynn- Dispatches from Elsewhere 441. Ricky Stratton- Silver Spoons 442. Officer Don Orville- 3rd Rock from the Sun 443. Henry Fisher- Growing Up Fisher 444. Matt Foxworthy- The Jeff Foxworthy Show 445. Joey Cleary- The Kids Are Alright 446. Eddie Cleary- The Kids Are Alright 447. Pat Cleary- The Kids Are Alright 448. Ernest T. Bass- The Andy Griffith Show 449. Briscoe Darling- The Andy Griffith Show 450. Max- Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 451. William Tate- Believe 452. Stuart Minkus- Boy Meets World 453. Frankie Stechino, Jr.- Boy Meets World 454. Joey the Rat Epstein- Boy Meets World 455. Harley Keiner- Boy Meets World 456. Vic Fontaine- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 457. D.A. Arthur Branch- Law and Order/Law and Order: Trial by Jury 458. Bill- Abby’s 459. James- Abby’s 460. Dr. Garret Macy- Crossing Jordan 461. Alan Brady- The Dick Van Dyke Show 462. Jafar- Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 463. Mitch Clarke- Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 464. Simon- Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 465. Brian Bennett- Outmatched 466. Chief Jack Mannion- The District 467. Jimmy DiMeo- Speechless 468. Kenneth- Speechless 469. Nurse Dennis- Carol’s Second Act 470. Ed Malone- Growing Pains 471. Dave Johnson- The Neighborhood 472. Calvin Butler- The Neighborhood 473. Donald Hollinger- That Girl 474. Henry Mills (Jared Gilmore)- Once Upon a Time 475. Brian Sanders- Hostages 476. Jake Sanders- Hostages 477. Uncle Leo- Seinfeld 478. Axl Heck- The Middle 479. Taylor Sutton- Lincoln Heights 480. Johnny Nightingale- Lincoln Heights

Top 480 Female Characters
1. Amy Fleming Borden- Heartland 2. Helen Chapel Hackett- Wings 3. Lucy Ricardo- I Love Lucy/The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour 4. Julie Miller- Fame 5. Parker- Leverage 6. Monica- Touched by an Angel 7. Blair Warner- The Facts of Life 8. Ethel Mertz- I Love Lucy/The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour 9. Miss Lydia Grant- Fame 10. Miss Gretchen Kraus- Benson 11. Jeannie- I Dream of Jeannie 12. Nicole Bradford- My Two Dads 13. Agent Hannah Wells- Designated Survivor (ABC) 14. Special Agent Dana Scully- The X-Files 15. Olivia Walton (Michael Learned)- The Waltons 16. Samantha Stephens- Bewitched 17. Marissa Clark- Early Edition 18. Georgie Fleming-Morris- Heartland 19. Kaylie Cruz- Make It or Break It 20. Simone Foster- Head of the Class 21. Dr. Ellen Sanders- Hostages 22. Rory Gilmore- Gilmore Girls (2000) 23. Sophie Devereaux- Leverage 24. Major Margaret Houlihan- M*A*S*H 25. Bo Adams- Believe 26. Seven of Nine- Star Trek: Voyager 27. Captain Kathryn Janeway- Star Trek: Voyager 28. Lieutenant Jadzia Dax- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 29. Speaker Kimble Hookstraten- Designated Survivor (ABC) 30. Captain Sharon Raydor- Major Crimes 31. Jamie Buchman- Mad About You (1992) 32. Cheyenne Montgomery- Reba 33. Bailey Quarters- WKRP in Cincinnati 34. Joanie Cunningham- Happy Days 35. Mrs. Marion Cunningham- Happy Days 36. Sandra Bell- For the People 37. Sybil Fawlty- Fawlty Towers 38. Miss Christy Huddleston (Kellie Martin)- Christy 39. Daphne Moon Crane- Frasier 40. Roz Doyle- Frasier 41. Kim Keeler- Make It or Break It 42. Payson Keeler- Make It or Break It 43. Mary Richards- The Mary Tyler Moore Show 44. Elizabeth Walton- The Waltons 45. Mallory Keaton- Family Ties 46. Bay Kennish- Switched at Birth 47. Regina Vasquez- Switched at Birth 48. Dr. Lilith Sternin-Crane- Cheers/Frasier/Wings 49. Corky Sherwood Forest- Murphy Brown (1988) 50. Kay Carter-Shepley- Murphy Brown (1988) 51. Marcy Hill- Benson 52. Special Agent Samantha (Sam) Spade- Without a Trace 53. Jennifer Marlowe- WKRP in Cincinnati 54. Lucy Camden Kinkirk- 7th Heaven 55. Cissy Patterson-Davis- Family Affair (1966) 56. Mrs. Edna Garrett- The Facts of Life/Diff’rent Strokes 57. Erin Walton- The Waltons 58. Grandma- The Waltons 59. Nicole Chapman- Fame 60. Daphne Vasquez- Switched at Birth 61. Tess- Touched by an Angel 62. Ann Marie- That Girl 63. Winnie Cooper- The Wonder Years 64. Fay Evelyn Schlob Cochran- Wings 65. Reba Hart- Reba 66. Endora- Bewitched 67. The Evil Queen/Regina Mills- Once Upon a Time 68. Heather Owens- Mr. Belvedere 69. Granny Moses- The Beverly Hillbillies 70. Topanga Lawrence- Boy Meets World 71. Wanda Dollard- Corner Gas 72. Karen Pelly- Corner Gas 73. Annie Camden- 7th Heaven 74. Elaine Benes- Seinfeld 75. Marie Barone- Everybody Loves Raymond 76. Laura Petrie- The Dick Van Dyke Show 77. Happy Quinn- Scorpion 78. Piper Evans- Emergence 79. Erica Paget- Early Edition 80. Lily Munster- The Munsters 81. Joanna Loudon- Newhart 82. Jill Taylor- Home Improvement 83. Frankie Heck- The Middle 84. Joan Girardi- Joan of Arcadia 85. A.D.A. Abbie Carmichael- Law and Order 86. First Lady Judith Whitman- DAG 87. First Lady Alex Kirkman- Designated Survivor (ABC) 88. Natalie Teeger- Monk 89. Aunt Bee Taylor- The Andy Griffith Show 90. Lorelai Gilmore- Gilmore Girls (2000) 91. Emily Gilmore- Gilmore Girls (2000) 92. Christine Armstrong- Coach 93. Mindy McConnell- Mork and Mindy 94. Dr. Mary Albright- 3rd Rock from the Sun 95. Emily Rhodes- Designated Survivor (ABC) 96. Officer Eddie Jenko Reagan- Blue Bloods 97. Sue Sue Heck- The Middle 98. Gladys Kravitz (Alice Pearce)- Bewitched 99. Patty Lane- The Patty Duke Show 100. Cat Chambers- Reef Break 101. Megan Smith- Privileged 102. Kyra Hart- Reba 103. Eve Baxter- Last Man Standing 104. Jennifer Keaton- Family Ties 105. Ellen Reed- Family Ties 106. Elyse Keaton- Family Ties 107. Melody Bledsoe- Switched at Birth 108. Kimberly Drummond- Diff’rent Strokes 109. Kelly Gregg- Bachelor Father 110. Jill Munroe- Charlie’s Angels (1976) 111. Madeline Andrews- Granite Flats 112. Kate Bradley- Petticoat Junction 113. Amy Matthews- Boy Meets World 114. Aunt Clara- Bewitched 115. Buffy Patterson-Davis- Family Affair (1966) 116. Missy Cooper- Young Sheldon 117. Lisa Douglas- Green Acres 118. Shirley Burleigh- Coach 119. Diane Chambers- Cheers/Frasier 120. Carmen Lopez- George Lopez 121. Special Agent Ellie Bishop- NCIS 122. A.D.A. Erin Reagan- Blue Bloods 123. Special Agent Vivian Johnson- Without a Trace 124. Detective Kate Beckett- Castle 125. Detective Athena Grant- 9-1-1 126. Judge Lola Carmichael- All Rise 127. Special Agent Emily Prentiss- Criminal Minds 128. Agent Maggie Bell- FBI (2018) 129. Lacey Burrows- Corner Gas 130. Leslie Vanderkellen- Newhart 131. Stephanie Vanderkellen- Newhart 132. Judge Margaret Wilbur- My Two Dads 133. Harriette Winslow (Jo Marie Payton)- Family Matters 134. Debra Barone- Everybody Loves Raymond 135. Kerry Hennessy- 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter 136. Jo Polniaczek- The Facts of Life 137. Sue Ann Weaver- The Facts of Life 138. Janice Foster- Dispatches from Elsewhere 139. Miss Elizabeth Sherwood- Fame 140. Coco Hernandez- Fame 141. Natalie Green- The Facts of Life 142. Hope Shanowski- Hope and Faith 143. Faith Fairfield- Hope and Faith 144. Counselor Deanna Troi- Star Trek: the Next Generation 145. Dr. Claire Browne- The Good Doctor 146. Morgan Sanders- Hostages 147. Ellie Walker- The Andy Griffith Show 148. Sabrina Spellman- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 149. Aunt Hilda Spellman- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 150. Aunt Zelda Spellman- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 151. Betty Spencer- Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em 152. Mary Ann Summers- Gilligan’s Island 153. Paris Gellar- Gilmore Girls (2000) 154. Dylan DiMeo- Speechless 155. A.D.A. Helen Gamble- The Practice 156. Ellenor Frutt- The Practice 157. Alice (Sophie Lowe)- Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 158. Emma Swan- Once Upon a Time 159. Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard- Once Upon a Time 160. Cathy Lane- The Patty Duke Show 161. Katie Gatling- Benson 162. Laurie Partridge- The Partridge Family 163. Shirley Partridge- The Partridge Family 164. Ruby Gallagher- Ruby and the Rockits 165. Michaela Stone- Manifest 166. Lux Cassidy- Life Unexpected 167. Paige Dineen- Scorpion 168. Mary Camden- 7th Heaven 169. Helen Seinfeld- Seinfeld 170. Lois Hobson- Early Edition 171. Pamela Davidson-Hinkley- The Greatest American Hero 172. Carol Seaver- Growing Pains 173. Maggie Malone Seaver- Growing Pains 174. Lou Fleming- Heartland 175. Sarah Nevins- Head of the Class 176. Janice Lazarotto- Head of the Class 177. Tamera Campbell- Sister, Sister 178. Tia Landry- Sister, Sister 179. Major/Colonel Nerys Kira- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 180. Sylvia Buchman- Mad About You (1992) 181. Fran Devanow- Mad About You (1992) 182. Lisa Stemple- Mad About You (1992) 183. Emily Kmetko- Make It or Break It 184. Morticia Addams- The Addams Family (1964) 185. Dr. Beverly Crusher- Star Trek: the Next Generation 186. Dr. Amanda Bentley/Livingston- Diagnosis Murder 187. Emma Leroy- Corner Gas 188. Doris Sherman- Coach 189. Honey Bailey- Wind at my Back 189. Grace Bailey- Wind at my Back 190. Cindy Walton- The Waltons 191. Hazel Burke- Hazel 192. A.D.A. Serena Southerlyn- Law and Order 193. A.D.A. Tracey Kibre- Law and Order: Trial by Jury 194. Helen Girardi- Joan of Arcadia 195. Vicki Stubing- The Love Boat 196. Cruise Director Julie McCoy- The Love Boat 197. Cassie Sutton- Lincoln Heights 198. Jennifer Sutton- Lincoln Heights 199. Lizzie Sutton- Lincoln Heights 200. Mary Cooper- Young Sheldon 201. Beth Milligan- Granite Flats 202. Lucille Langston- Resurrection 203. Zoey Clarke- Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 204. Maggie Clarke- Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 205. Jill Carlan- For the People 206. Tina Krissman- For the People 207. Emily Lopez- All Rise 208. Naomi Wildman- Star Trek: Voyager 209. Dana- According to Jim 210. Viki Amory- Head of the Class 211. Polly Sherman- Fawlty Towers 212. Wednesday Addams- The Addams Family (1964) 213. Gertrude Moon- Frasier 214. Maris Crane- Frasier 215. Joan- Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 216. Samantha Micelli- Who’s the Boss? 217. Serena- Bewitched 218. Claude Casey- Less Than Perfect 219. Holly Laird- Fame 220. Deena Stewart- 7th Heaven 221. Ruthie Camden- 7th Heaven 222. Elly May Clampett- The Beverly Hillbillies 223. Detective Juliet “Jules” O’Hara- Psych 224. Ainsley Whitly- Prodigal Son 225. Jessica Whitly- Prodigal Son 226. Fran Fine- The Nanny 227. Grace Sheffield- The Nanny 228. Murphy Brown- Murphy Brown (1988) 229. Maddie Kendall- 9-1-1 230. Christine Sullivan- Night Court 231. Lana Wagner- Night Court 232. Quon Le Robinson- Night Court 233. Lucy Carmichael- The Lucy Show 234. Carla Tortelli- Cheers/Frasier 235. Laura Winslow- Family Matters 236. Tootie (Dorothy) Ramsey- The Facts of Life 237. Adelaide Brubaker- Diff’rent Strokes 238. Agent Dana Mosier- FBI (2018) 239. Nicole Bennett- Outmatched 240. Shannon- Fam 241. Jo Evans- Emergence 242. Julie Teeger- Monk 243. Vivian Bagley- The Lucy Show 244. Summer Van Horne- Make It or Break It 245. Theresa Stemple (Carol Burnett)- Mad About You (1992) 246. Olive Stone- Manifest 247. Nancy Donahue- The Middle 248. Karen Arnold- The Wonder Years 249. Benny Lopez- George Lopez 250. Ginger Grant- Gilligan’s Island 251. Laurel Healy- BrainDead 252. Gracie Allen- Burns and Allen 253. Willa Frost- Beyond 254. Charlie Singer- Beyond 255. Six LeMuere- Blossom 256. Betty Jo Bradley- Petticoat Junction 257. Bobby Jo Bradley Elliott- Petticoat Junction 258. Billie Jo Bradley- Petticoat Junction 259. June Cleaver- Leave it to Beaver 260. Harriet Nelson- Ozzie and Harriet 261. Lucy Preston- Timeless 262. Sally Solomon- 3rd Rock from the Sun 263. Marie Falco- Angie 264. Theresa Falco- Angie 265. Cheryl- According to Jim 266. Gidget (Frances) Lawrence (Sally Field)- Gidget 267. Maxine Carlson- Ransom 268. Rebecca Washington- The Practice 269. Ariadne- Atlantis 270. Reese Cabrera- Kevin (Probably) Saves the World 271. Tabitha Stephens- Bewitched 272. Detective Maria Baez- Blue Bloods 273. Blossom Russo- Blossom 274. Peggy Cleary- The Kids Are Alright 275. Laverne DeFazio- Laverne and Shirley 276. Shirley Feeny- Laverne and Shirley 277. Joan Short- Life in Pieces 278. Heather Short Hughes- Life in Pieces 279. Sophia Hughes- Life in Pieces 280. Marsha Owens- Mr. Belvedere 281. Dorothy Baxter- Hazel 282. Marilyn Munster- The Munsters 283. Claudia Salinger- Party of Five (1994) 284. Val (Valentina) Acosta- Party of Five (2020) 285. Ella Barnett- Party of Five (2020) 286. Charlene Matlock (Linda Purl)- Matlock 287. Heather King- 7th Heaven 288. Sarah Glass Camden- 7th Heaven 289. Rosina Glass- 7th Heaven 290. Lieutenant Harper Li- The Code 291. Alexis Castle- Castle 292. Martha Rodgers- Castle 293. Judy Watkins- Coach 294. Mrs. Rizzendough- Coach 295. Tali LaCroix- FBI: Most Wanted 296. Agent Kristen Chazal- FBI (2018) 297. Elizabeth Bradford- Eight is Enough 298. Susan Bradford Stockwell- Eight is Enough 299. Nancy Bradford- Eight is Enough 300. Cate Hennessy- 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter 301. Grandma Cora Hudson- Mork and Mindy 302. Casey McMurtry- Heartland 303. Amy MacDougall Barone- Everybody Loves Raymond 304. Darlene Merriman- Head of the Class 305. Maria Borges- Head of the Class 306. Sally Rogers- The Dick Van Dyke Show 307. Joan Bradford, Sr.- Eight is Enough 308. Margaret- The Cool Kids 309. Hayley Shanowski- Hope and Faith 310. Sandrine Renault- Hostages 311. Detective Theresa Murphy- APB 312. Ada Hamilton- APB 313. Denise Stevens Downey- Benson 314. Dr. Devan Maguire- Crossing Jordan 315. Raven Ramirez- CSI: Cyber 316. Kendra Daynes- Designated Survivor (ABC) 317. Mrs. Livingston- The Courtship of Eddie’s Father 318. Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh- Crossing Jordan 319. A.D.A. Claire Kincaid- Law and Order 320. Ilene Markham- Home Improvement 321. Cindy- The Middle 322. Lexie Brooks- The Middle 323. Pat Spence- The Middle 324. Jackie Rush- Too Close for Comfort 325. Jiya- Timeless 326. Vicki Lawson- Small Wonder 327. Lieutenant Tasha Yar- Star Trek: the Next Generation 328. Guinan- Star Trek: the Next Generation 329. Connie “Meemaw” Tucker- Young Sheldon 330. Mama Lillian Carlson (Carol Bruce)- WKRP in Cincinnati 331. Jeannie’s sister- I Dream of Jeannie 332. Lillian Patterson- Home Improvement 333. Karen Kelly- Home Improvement 334. Gemma Johnson- The Neighborhood 335. Miss Brahms- Are You Being Served? (1972) 336. Mrs. Slocumbe- Are You Being Served? (1972) 337. Avery Ryan- CSI: Cyber 338. Rudy Huxtable- The Cosby Show 339. Mrs. Claire Huxtable- The Cosby Show 340. Vanessa Huxtable- The Cosby Show 341. Angela Bower- Who’s the Boss? 342. Elizabeth Burke- White Collar 343. Mary Ellen Walton Willard- The Waltons 344. May Bailey- Wind at my Back 345. Rosalie Totzie- Welcome Back, Kotter 346. Chloe Kmetko- Make It or Break It 347. Maggie Conway- Mad About You (1992) 348. Special Agent Ziva David- NCIS 349. Special Agent Kate Todd- NCIS 350. Pat MacDougall- Everybody Loves Raymond 351. Tina Butler- The Neighborhood 352. Allison McLean- Ties That Bind 353. Becky Slater- The Wonder Years 354. Lea Dilallo- The Good Doctor 355. Margaret Scully- The X-Files 356. Kris Witherspoon- Our House 357. Jesse Witherspoon- Our House 358. Wicked Witch of the West/Zelena- Once Upon a Time 359. Belle- Once Upon a Time 360. Molly Witherspoon- Our House 361. Mrs. Berg- Fame 362. Grandma Winslow- Family Matters 363. Nancy Olson- The Facts of Life 364. Alden Tuller- Justice 365. Miss Hunter- The Waltons 366. Maria Conchita Lopez- What a Country! 367. Yung Hi- What a Country! 368. Selma Hacker- Night Court 369. Roz Russell- Night Court 370. Daphne Powell- No Ordinary Family 371. Ariel- Once Upon a Time 372. Amy Cabrera- Kevin (Probably) Saves the World 373. Lieutenant Anita Van Buren- Law and Order 374. Detective Alexandra Eames- Law and Order: Criminal Intent 375. Ruby Mae Morrison (Emily Schulman)- Christy 376. Cora Mills- Once Upon a Time/Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 377. Anastasia, the Red Queen- Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 378. Juliet “Jules” Shade- Private Eyes 379. Virginia Chance- Raising Hope 380. Sabrina- Raising Hope 381. Maw Maw- Raising Hope 382. Katie Clarke- Life is Wild 383. Kate- Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector 384. Helen Crump- The Andy Griffith Show 385. Angie Falco Benson- Angie 386. Rosie- Abby’s 387. Tess Shoemacher- Beyond 388. Alice Henderson (Tyne Daly)- Christy 389. Maggie Sheffield- The Nanny 390. Audrey Cohen- Murphy Brown (1988) 391. Sylvia Fine- The Nanny 392. Kate Littlejohn- For the People 393. Kelly Gaines Boyd- Cheers 394. Sherry Dempsey- Frasier 395. Jenny Kelley- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 396. Valerie Birckhead- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 397. Estelle Costanza- Seinfeld 398. Raquel Ochmonek- ALF (1986) 399. Grandmama Addams- The Addams Family (1964) 400. Meredith Davis- 7th Heaven 401. Roxanne Richardson- 7th Heaven 402. Thelma Lou- The Andy Griffith Show 403. Nicky Reagan-Boyle- Blue Bloods 404. Linda Reagan- Blue Bloods 405. Agent Hana Gibson- FBI: Most Wanted 406. Julie Costello- Growing Pains 407. Bebe Glazer- Frasier 408. Mona Robinson- Who’s the Boss? 409. Norma Arnold- The Wonder Years 410. Angie Lopez- George Lopez 411. Sookie St. James- Gilmore Girls (2000) 412. Babette Dell- Gilmore Girls (2000) 413. Mrs. Kim- Gilmore Girls (2000) 414. Dr. Carol Kenney- Carol’s Second Act 415. Jenny Kenney- Carol’s Second Act 416. Grace Van Pelt- The Mentalist 417. Teresa Lisbon- The Mentalist 418. Kelly Fox- Coach 419. Cindy Webster- The Facts of Life 420. Doris Schwartz- Fame 421. Janice Channing- Believe 422. Princess Isabella- Galavant 423. Mrs. Lovey Howell- Gilligan’s Island 424. Abby Sciuto- NCIS 425. Penelope Garcia- Criminal Minds 426. Special Agent JJ Jareau- Criminal Minds 427. Director Jenny Shepard- NCIS 428. Lydia Weston- Less Than Perfect 429. Bonnie Molloy- Life with Bonnie 430. Penny Kirkman- Designated Survivor (ABC) 431. Ginger- Bachelor Father 432. Morgan Matthews- Boy Meets World 433. Dr. Susan Andrews- Granite Flats 434. Dr. Audrey Lim- The Good Doctor 435. Jacqueline “Jack” Sloane- NCIS 436. Grandma Yetta- The Nanny 437. Mandy Baxter (Molly Ephraim)- Last Man Standing 438. Kristin Baxter (Alexandra Krosney)- Last Man Standing 439. Karen Foxworthy (Anita Barone)- The Jeff Foxworthy Show 440. Reba Gallagher- Malibu Country 441. Rhoda Morgenstern- The Mary Tyler Moore Show 442. Kelly Parker- Make It or Break It 443. Grace Stone- Manifest 444. Val Stanton- Heartland 445. Lisa Stillman- Heartland 446. Soraya Duval- Heartland 447. Kelly Carr- Back to You 448. Marie Morton- Home Improvement 449. Keiko O’Brien- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Star Trek: the Next Generation 450. Amanda- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 451. Sydney Shanowski- Hope and Faith 452. Tara Cole- Leverage 453. Bernice Fish (Florence Stanley)- Barney Miller 454. Miss Landers- Leave it to Beaver 455. Maya DiMeo- Speechless 456. Stephanie Powell- No Ordinary Family 457. Detective Amelia Sachs- Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector 458. Kai Winn Adami- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 459. Lieutenant Kellye Yamato, RN- M*A*S*H 460. Cassidy Finch- The Middle 461. Pasiphae- Atlantis 462. Sabrina Duncan- Charlie’s Angels (1976) 463. Kelly Garrett- Charlie’s Angels (1976) 464. Sara Rush- Too Close for Comfort 465. Julie Camden Hastings- 7th Heaven 466. Grandma Ruth Camden- 7th Heaven 467. Gracie- According to Jim 468. Ruby- According to Jim 469. Samantha Hughes- Life in Pieces 470. Victoria Morrow- No Ordinary Family 471. Florence Kleiner- Night Court 472. Hannah Britten- Awake 473. Sally Simms- The Paul Lynde Show 474. Alissa Strudwick- 3rd Rock from the Sun 475. Nikki Papagus Kennish- Switched at Birth 476. Kathryn Kennish- Switched at Birth 477. Caroline Duffy- Caroline in the City 478. Kate Summers Stratton- Silver Spoons 479. First Lady Mary Kincaid- Hostages 480. Nina Carlisle- Hostages
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