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Originally Posted by zachattack12
If you want to watch them, the majority of them are pretty easy to find. Freaks and Geeks, Life as We Know It and Playmakers are all on DVD. Every episode of Quintuplets and Do Over are on YouTube. Some of Maybe It's Me is on YouTube, but the others appear to be lost. This is a thread for shows that you never saw, but would like to. It seems like you may have already seen these.

My list:

American Body Shop
Andy Richter Controls the Universe (I know it's on DVD, but I haven't gotten it yet. A friend of mine offered to get it for me for my b-day, but he ended up getting me Childrens Hospital, which I think is kind of lame)
Arresting Behavior
Ball Four
Big Day
Breaking In (the last 8 episodes)
Brooklyn Bridge
Danger Theatre
Everything's Relative (the Jeffrey Tambor one)
Flying Blind (one episode is available on YouTube, but I only watch things in order)
Frank's Place
Free Radio
Go Fish
Good Grief
Grapevine (both versions)
Great Scott! (same deal as Flying Blind)
Hardball (the 1994 one)
Help Me Help You
Home Free
Imagine That
Inside Schwartz
The Jake Effect (the 7th episode)
Joe Bash
The Last Precinct
Madman of the People
Maybe It's Me (there are available episodes, but I can only watch things in order)
The Mike O'Malley Show (supposedly extremely stupid, but it has Mike O'Malley and Will Arnett)
Mr. President
Mr. Sunshine (the Jeffrey Tambor one)
Normal Life
The O'Keefes (the last 3 episodes)
The Slap Maxwell Story
Strip Mall
The War Next Door
A Whole New Ballgame
Wild Oats

Many of these are just for the cast, or perhaps an interesting premise. I do NOT think that all of these will be good.

Try checking youtube, i know one of them has to be on there
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