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In all my music collection I have gotten albums of some of my singers on cassettes but once I upgraded to CDs I've gotten the same album on CD. Some of the albums I have are Janet Jackson's Control which I had originally gotten on cassette from my aunt and Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 also originally on cassette and I also have Gloria Estefan's 1992 album Mi Tierra which my aunt had recorded for my mother on cassette and once I listened to it with Mom I fell in love with it and I bought a copy of Gloria Estefan's Mi Tierra on CD for myself and then I have a Natalie Cole CD of her Unforgettable With Love album which my Mom had a cassette copy of and I just had to get the CD format for myself. Sometimes when we have free time Mom and I like to go to the thrift shop and browse through the records and we found Cyndi Lauper's album She's So Unusual on record and even though we had the album on cassette we got it as a collector's item
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