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Originally Posted by 3sparky
I don't recall Danny ever being spanked in the Partridge Family. Do you know what episode that happened? I know that in the episode "The Sound of Money", Shirley threatens to spank Chris, but it is never carried out.

In Bewitched, there is one episode where Tabitha turns a spoiled boy into a dog, and that boy is later spanked by his mother.
Tabitha is threatened with spankings throughout the series, but the threats are never carried out.
The episode in which Danny got a spanking was "I am a Curious Partridge."
You can go to Google or YouTube and type in that title as well as "The Partridge Family" and you should be able to access it.
It seems that with all his misbehavior on many episodes, Danny was never punished like this. The word "Spanking" was not used though. The word "Beat up" was. I think that is strange.
I am not sure if Keith wanted to literally beat up Danny (via punches) or give him another spanking.
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