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Default Jill Behrman case

So recently someone mentioned Jill's case on Unsolved Wiki and was stating that they believe that the man convicted of her murder was innocent. For those of you who may not remember, Jill was a freshman at Indiana University who vanished while home from school in May 2000. She had gone on a bike ride and never returned.

Her case was profiled on "Unsolved Mysteries" in 2001, her skeletal remains were found in 2003, and John Myers II was arrested and convicted for murder in 2006.

I looked around and found several websites about him being innocent and various people supporting his innocence. There main supports are that no physical evidence connected him to the crime, and that three other suspects had been questioned in 2002 about the case and one of them confessed (and later recanted).

However, I found several articles on the case and the evidence against him, although circumstantial, seems very strong. Here is a link to his appeal that was denied in 2007:

The main evidence that I found:
-He had a van that was identical to a van seen near where Jill was last seen
-Two witnesses noted odd behavior at John's trailer the day Jill vanished (his trailer was covered, which was unusual; his car was a very far distance away from the trailer)
-He had no solid alibi for not only the day of Jill's disappearance, but that entire week as well
-Jill's bicycle was found less than a mile from his home
-The day after Jill vanished he was acting hysterically and talked about leaving town
-He made several bizarre statements to his aunt within the weeks following Jill's disappearance. He said that a girl had been abducted from the area and that he would be blamed for it. He also said "they haven't found her body yet" and assumed that she was dead. he also said that he was afraid of being stopped at a roadblock.
-A month after Jill vanished, John called his grandmother and asked to borrow $200. He said he couldn't go home because of roadblocks and that he was a suspect in Jill's disappearance.
-John's brothers Samuel owned a twelve-gauge shotgun that he stored in his parent's house. Shortly after Jill vanished, Samuel discovered the shotgun was missing. It was later determined that Jill had been killed by a twelve-gauge shotgun.
-Within the next few years, John made various bizarre statements about Jill's disappearance, talking about being questioned and where Jill's bike was, and that the authorities needed to look in different places.
-He told another girlfriend that he was the person that found Jill's bike, which was untrue.
-He told a co-worker that if he ever had to hide a body, he would hide it in a certain area, which ended up being the same area where Jill's remains were found.
-He bet with a family member that Jill would be found in a certain area, which he knew of because he liked to hunt there.
-While in jail on an unrelated charge, John wrote several letters where he said he felt bad about what happened to Jill and gave a list of several places investigators should look for her remains.
-After Jill's remains were found, he told another co-worker that he knew the area that her remains were found in, which were pictured on the front cover of a newspaper. The co-worker said the area did not appear distinctive.
-In 2004, he called his grandmother stating: "Grandma, if you just knew the things I've got on my mind. If the authorities knew it, I'd be in jail for the rest of my life," He also said, "Grandma, I wish I wasn't a bad person. I wish I hadn't done these bad things,"
-When interviewed by police in 2005, John denied that he was "scared" of roadblocks and denied that he had talked to anyone about Jill's disappearance; both statements were obviously false.
-While again in jail on an unrelated charge, John started talking to his cellmate about Jill and then stated if that "bitch wouldn't have said anything, none of this would have happened,"
-Authorities questioned John's ex-girlfriend Casey Goodman and she remembered a bizarre incident in March of 2000. She and John had gotten into an argument and he had drove her to a secluded area where they continued arguing until she got scared and asked her to leave. She remembered the way he took them to the area, and went with police officers to show them the area that John had taken her. When they got there, they found the place was just yards away from where Jill's remains were found.
-Finally, Casey broke up with John the day before Jill disappeared. Prosecutors believe that he was driving and noticed Jill. He abducted her, stripped her naked, to her to the area where she was found, raped her and shot her to death.

Sorry for such a long post, but I believe this shows that there was a pretty strong case against John Myers.
I'm wondering what you all think about the case and whether you think Myers may be innocent or guilty.
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