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Default Searching for good TV shows... :-).

Originally Posted by catlover79
I think you mean Richard Brooks, who played ADA Paul Robinette. Anyway, there were several BM cast members who guested on L&O throughout the years...Abe Vigoda, Steve Landesberg, Barbara Barrie, George Murdock...and both Hal Linden and Linda Lavin were guest stars on L&O: CI (though not in the same episode). I'll PM you about how I got Michael Moriarty's autograph...and thanks so much for your kind words!!!!

Yes, it was RICHARD Brooks... loved his stiff, strait-laced character. I think later on when he got replaced by another prosecutor played by Toronto actress Jill Hennessey, I recall they brought the Robinette character back for an episode-- he's gone into private practice to the other side doing defense work and he's much more cynical...

I have to confess that of all the L&O franchise, I liked LEAST the Criminal Intent series -- just couldn't get into all the angst/anxiety. But now that you've mentioned Hal Linden and Linda Lavin, I'll have to try and catch these clips/episodes on the net/youtube!

I was sad that L&O: Los Angeles got axed pretty early. I thought the show had great potential. The vast expanse of LA plus the quirky, crazy LA and environs offered quite the backdrop for stories... whether original or ripped from the headlines
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