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Originally Posted by catlover79
Thank you for your insights!! I'm also a big L&O fan, especially of those first few seasons where it was all guys (I even have two autographed photos of Michael Moriarty!!).

Welcome to the boards, by the way! Keep the posts coming!

Thanks for the WELCOME! right back at ya! I find it fun now and then to chat about a particularly well done TV show/episode... or even movies I find it soooooo rare these days. Your posts are very insightful. I'm a HUGE fan of Michael Moriarty as the ADA...sure, his idealism was a bit over-the-top, but it was FUN to see this calibre of acting and reacting to his the DA and to his idealistic but also cynical subordinate played brilliantly and stiffly by actor Chris Brooks. There was HUGE chemistry and also comedy between all four main characters from that first season. Anyway, I'll stop and post about L&O in the proper thread... btw- you MUST post on how you got autographed photos of Michael Moriarty!
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