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Question Women: What about this "guy" show appeals to you?

On the DVD set, the producers/writers who were interviewed and participated in the commentary on the three-part series finale said they couldn't understand why women would want to watch the show. Obviously, I'm a woman and absolutely love this show - and here's why...

The show's humor is right up my alley. It is dry and sarcastic but not mean-spirited, which has to be the toughest balance of all to strike in a sitcom.

Watching this show is like watching a play - 99% of the action takes place in the squad room and Barney's ajoining office. I can't think of any other sitcom that has taken place in such tight confines, let alone doing it as well.

There were terrific characters who had their own quirks and foibles. They showed that cops aren't perfect, but do the best they can despite being at the mercy of budget cuts, layoffs, etc. Barney also showed that a boss can be someone to be admired and who cared, and not an ogre.

Then you had first rate acting, directing, writing, and production values. How many other TV crews were encouraged to keep the set looking like a dump?? All the cigarette butts and other trash on the floor was left to make the 12th look even more like a pit than it already was!!

Last, but certainly not least - and you knew this was coming!!
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