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Originally Posted by Lee G
Lamont cracks me up. You big dummy! Mistakes can happen like getting hold of a bad DVD or VHS tape. But it is inexcusable to send someone a set of DVD's with duplicate episodes and others with no sound. Totally uncalled for. This trading forum is bad news. All people do here is rip each other off and bicker with one another. I won't be a part of it anymore. I'll try to limit my future posts to the individual TV show threads. I've said my piece, case closed.
Lee G
i was not singling you out at all

BUT if i may comment
FOR INSTANCE on a set like HAZEL, its what-- 150 some eps?

How is someone supposed to know if less than a handful might not have sound? i mean, i try to check against an ep guide when i get a new set in to see what is there, and all and i spot check, but did u think that someone had actually watched, ALL 150 odd episodes? of course not, someone gets a big set, they check it out the best they can and duplicate it, if there are a few smaller issues like this----99% of the time with a detailed email, they can be fixed--- For instance, maybe the person who did the set could redo those discs? i have a hazel set and to best of my knowledge, all eps have sound! its a different set than lorens but its the same series and same # of eps, and still missing #23

i was not directing it just to you, but to traders in general, who get upset b/c of minor flaws that can 99% of the time be fixed

like--- i have the GUNSMOKE set, all 20 years of the series--- ive checked to be sure its complete, but NO ive not watched all 600+ hours of the show, so its possible that some glitches are there

to me its just not worth all this ugliness over it all
and im sorry u r not interested in trading,
and i dont know what your experiences are, but rip offs are not very common
now mistakes happen, people get behind, people have issues with sets-- yes to all
but ive only been ripped off a handful of times on this board

(99% of the time by 1 of "LAMONT'S ANGELS" or a certain Howling guy from the woods!)

and i do tons of trades and i can say that over 95% of them go off excellent!

I have not been trading for some time now, so please do not ask---- sorry, i cannot help you!
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