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Originally Posted by TracyLynnS
I just watched the segment again. That stuff about Amy being in England is all a horrible lie. I can't believe that two PIs would victimize Sue Billig for their own profit, but then I was surprised at the two miami cops who scammed her out of $1,500.

Nearly 20 years after Amy went missing, a PI from florida contacted Sue Billig to say that a PI in england, who she was working with on another case, had been offered Amy for sale. Why in the world would an american biker travel to England, go to the post office, and approach a private investigator to offer him a slave? First, I'd like to see the biker with enough money to travel to europe, and second, once he was there, why wouldn't he hook up with other bikers and try to sell his woman to one of them? It's all lies. None of that ever happened.

Every bit of information those PIs gave Sue Billig was available to the public. Amy's interest in music, her reputation as "mute", etc, was all common knowledge. I don't know what those idiots were thinking, but the female PI got her mug on TV (which I'm sure she needed to boost her business) and karma got the male PI one year later.
yes i mentioned this previous as well..and who knows if the owner of the store thought just for providing a tip she would get rewarded? hard to say..vegetarian could in fact be ate by anyone so its not uncommon for that time. You mentioned a convention? what sort of convention? I always thought either amy was killed that night by an unknown person or joined the church in some type of cult. I read on a organization that during the time of the 70's concealed peoples identities with new ones, also they wouldnt allow anyone to receive blood transfusions and major organ operations as it was against thier religion in that time. Many people died because of this as the hospital was not allowed to save them without their approval of these external organs or blood..I wonder...
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