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Originally Posted by clj2
In response to the blog post from today:

I can't help but assume The Nanny is going to leave 11pm-1am on Nick at Nite when it starts airing at those times on TVL. I find it hard to believe both networks would air it at the same time. I wonder what this will mean for Roseanne, since it's aired at that time for a couple of years, I believe.
Yeah, no way they have it airing on both channels at the same time. I was thinking the same thing.

Do you think they're trying to shift their Nanny viewers over to TV Land and pave the way for viewers of Friends to eventually watch N@N in the fall when they'll most likely air Friends at 11PM? Seems a little early to try that sort of maneuvering but never know...Maybe N@N wants to bring Malcolm in the Middle back (just kidding )
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