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Yes I have the complete series on DVD by Mill Creek. There are plenty of bonus features. On the season one DVDs, there is a blooper reel from the early seasons that is really funny. There are Roseanne video commentaries on the episodes "Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down (406)", "Thanksgiving 1991 (410)", "Ladies Choice (508)", "Lanford Daze (515)", "The Fifties Show (807)", "Disney World War II" (818) and "Springtime for David" (819). The last three episodes feature commentary by Michael Fishman (DJ) as well. The first few video commentaries are extremely interesting and fun to watch and there are some very interesting facts about the series. But starting with the season five episodes, the commentaries become kind of dull with Roseanne and Fishman really not adding not much information. There are 6 interviews with Roseanne scattered throughout the set. All of them are cool and reveal facts about the show. There are 2 John Goodman interviews. There is 1 Laurie Metcalf interview. There are 2 Lecy Goranson interviews. There are 2 Michael Fishman interviews. The interviews don't run any longer than 9 minutes at the most. While they are interesting, they don't go into too much depth and half of them are composed of clips from the series. If you are a casual viewer looking for information about the show, then these DVD bonus features may be good for you. But if you are a die-hard Roseanne fan who is extremely into bonus material, then the interviews will be fun to watch, but very informative or interesting.
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