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Originally Posted by NellieBlyArmy
That's what I said when I first saw this segment, which caused my dad to explain how very wrong I was. He was in the Highway Patrol in Florida at around this time, and yeah, bikers were abducting middle class girls. He personally found a grove where about 5 women/girls were chained to trees, all dead, all raped and tortured. One was 12 years old. It was bikers (The Pagans, specifically). It was not an isolated incident, though the scale was unique. Sure, they had willing women, but so? Most rapists could, if they wanted, find a woman to have sex with them. But that's not what they want.

The racketeering stuff all seems to be fairly late from the brief research I just did - the 1990s on. Even Hunter S. Thompson's book, which is trying oh so very hard to make the Hells Angels sound cool and awesome, ended up mentioning their brutality against women. Gang rapes were a common punishment. They weren't all non-violent racketeers who had respectful sex with ladies who liked them. I don't know how common it was or if there was a large ring that sold women, but abductions? Oh, yes. That happened. And the Hells Angels in Germany were found to be behind just such a ring, for what it's worth.
Do you know of any information available online pertaining to the 5 girls found bound to trees? Do you know where this happened?
Im sure it is possible that Amy was abducted and killed by bikers but I highly doubt they kept her with them for years and years. I think she probably died that day. Im not saying that these types arent violent and abusive towards women at all. It just seems odd to me that they would want to draw the attention of the police onto themselves like this. Its kinda hard to operate in the shadows if your kidnapping civilans.
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