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Originally Posted by bencasey
Yikes, that makes me feel so old. Fake Jan certainly looks a lot better than real Jan does these days.

Speaking of the Bradys, I went to see Maureen when she was on Broadway doing Grease in the mid-90s. Still pretty, still had great hair. I think I got an autographed photo of her that's lying around her somewhere. Hey, do you remember their appearances on the show Star Games? Mid-80s series that was kind of like a weekly version of Battle of the Network Stars. I have a few of them with the Bradys on it.
Yes, Maureen mentions her Grease gig in her autobiography and there are a couple of photos of her in the book in costume as Rizzo. Never saw Star Games but I'll have to check YouTube and see if they exist there. Thanks for the heads up, Mark!!
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