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Music Favorite Sheena Easton songs?


Modern Girl
We've Got Tonight (duet w/ Kenny Rogers)
Almost Over You
I Like the Fright
Don't Leave Me This Way
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Sweet Talk
Morning Train (Nine to Five)

The first record (actually tape) I ever owned was Sheena Easton's Best Kept Secret. My dad bought it for me at Newbury's at our local mall. The mall is still around but Newbury's is LONG gone.

My former boss, who once hosted a local pop culture radio show, went with friends to Vegas a few years back. They went to see Sheena Easton's show, so they were a bit confused when a rather large woman took the stage and began to sing. There was no fanfare, no applause, and no introduction. This lady just took the stage, and it took my boss and his friends a couple of songs in to realize that the performer WAS Sheena Easton. He told me his first reaction was, "Sheena, lay off the Krispy Kremes!!" Poor Sheena. Well, maybe she's lost weight since then. Who knows?
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