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Originally posted by David77
Hello, yes, I remember the magic show. Walter Kempley was friends with The Amazing Randi. That is how they got him. Yes, there was an element of risk for Henry to do the milk can trick.
Inside the can was an large empty glass jar with a lid on it. You sit with it between your legs. When it is unscrewed it fills up with water enough to leave air for the person in the can to breathe. The risk factor was what if Henry could not get the lid off the jar once he was in there. So it was exciting for everyone! He did it once at dress rehearsal and was confident he could pull it off that night. I can remember seeing him come out of it and everyone in the booth was like, "Yes!" It was great.
I know the cast did their own tricks. I don't remember how The Amazing Randi made the radio disapear. Gary Marshall's kids were in that show too.
Another thing I remember about that show is Bobby Hoffman cast George Fenneman as the MC. and at that time George Fenneman and Tom Bosley had been rivals for broadcasting jobs.
Wow! That's So Cool!

Originally posted by David77
Yeah those were Gary Marshall's kids. James Randi was The Amazing Randi. He was the only guest star that I ever saw come to the writer's table. Not to write, just to hang out for a while with Walter Kempley and talk about magic tricks. I'm trying to remember how he did that radio trick. I think it folded up. That was a fun show to work on.
Really? Wow I Was Wondering Who Those Kids Where!

Thank You So Much For Sharing All Of That With Us!
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