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Originally posted by Mysty Eyes

Well, I DIDN'T say that today's youth are "MUCH more" savvy. I didn't say that at all. What I said was that the artists of the 60s, etc. "were no where near as business-savvy as the youth of today." And I am fairly confident that that is true. If nothing else TV, film, and the internet keep most people more informed than people were in the past.

I went on to say "Even today, starry-eyed kids can be duped into signing away most everything." So I guess you really agree with me, since I didn't actually say what you believe I did.
Well, you did say some of todays youth are starry eyed so we agree on that but I don't see a difference between saying yesterdays youth were "no where near as savvy" as todays youth, as opposed to saying, todays youth are"much more savvy" then yesterdays youth. What's the difference? The subject is musicians making business decisions pitted up against agents and conglomerats. I don't think the playing field has leveled much over the years in that specific game.

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