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Originally posted by kittflynn
To Mysty eyes, I agree with a lot of what you said but I don't know why you say the youth of today are MUCH more business saavy. I've heard recent horror stories of bands and artists being ripped off by managers and the industry just like in the Beatles era. One of the very few examples I can think of of someone who is business saavy would be Madonna and she starrted out in the early eighties.
Well, I DIDN'T say that today's youth are "MUCH more" savvy. I didn't say that at all. What I said was that the artists of the 60s, etc. "were no where near as business-savvy as the youth of today." And I am fairly confident that that is true. If nothing else TV, film, and the internet keep most people more informed than people were in the past.

I went on to say "Even today, starry-eyed kids can be duped into signing away most everything." So I guess you really agree with me, since I didn't actually say what you believe I did.

Again, as far as using songs from new albums in ads... yeah, it's a form of selling out. But these new songs can't really be called "classics." And can you blame someone for making the bucks? The sponsor's going to buy the song from someone, after all. And as long as we've got to hear the music in the ads it may as well be good music, don't you think?
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