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Originally posted by pontoon
NOBODY forces a pen into these people's hands ands MAKES them sign their lives away! Wouldn't you be just a 'tad' suspicious signing a document with print so small it can hardly be seen? "Let's see...we'll give you each $50,000 dollars, but don't worry about the part that says we OWN everything you do for the next 30 years! No problem...we'll work that out 'later'! OH...Did I mention F I F T Y G R A N D!"
Not to belabor this, but when talking about these particular artists (ie The Beatles and others of that era, and a few years after), you need to remember that kids (yes, they are usually young when they start out) were no where near as business-savvy as the youth of today. It would probably never occur to them to be suspicious of a contract. Hey, these were "official" documents drawn up by experts, so why doubt them?

Even today, starry-eyed kids can be duped into signing away most everything. It was especially true years ago.

As far a stars signing current contracts for sponsorship deals: hey, what's wrong with that? Why can't Aerosmith, or any other artist, write songs specifically for an ad? It's quite a lucrative engagement. Yes, it is about money in this case; they get paid quite well for their songs. The reason? Because people like me and you notice the ads, and remember the product. That's the whole point of advertising.
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