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yeah. I wanted to contribute daily to the thread (see first posting) but I got off track as usual.

This is a test to see who can think of what season a particular ep. came from.

ex: "Give Me A Ring Sometime"- Season One (obviously )

winner gets to post more.

again, 5 questions, 20 points each. I won't reveal the answers this time and for every other game from now on, until at least 5 have posted, or by Wednesday.

1. "What is, Cliff Clavin?"
2. "Backseat Becky, Up Front"
3. "An Old Fashioned Wedding"
4. "Ma Always Liked You Best"
5. "Suspicion"

Unless you have no pity, use no aid.

I'll try to find more interesting behind-the-scenes stuff soon, and since I'm no good with keeping up to my promises, COMING SOON!!!!!!!!! is the posting of my dream review. After I post mine, you all will post yours, but please don't post yours until I post mine. Extras and Cover Art Discussion. AND MORE GAMES ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ALOT MORE! Remember, we have to pass the time along somehow until the 13th of September.

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