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Yes, they were referring to the last season. His salary then was about $500,000 per episode, so I think your point makes a lot of sense: he might have been considered the highest-paid actor at that time -and actor only- because he didn't perform any other tasks in the show.

Speaking of TV specials, I'd like to see the day when Cheers gets the TV special it deserves --just the show, its making and the history of it, with real episodes footage and not just stills, and leaving aside the dirty laundry.
The E! True Hollywood Story is clearly NOT an example of it, at least during the second half. I have also a DVD special from the "Inside Television's Greatest" series, but they apparently didn't own the rights to the show's footage either, so it's basically made out of stills and voice-overs. At least, it avoids sensationalism.
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