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Originally Posted by Muppet JoeŽ
agreed, GREAT episode last night, by far the best of the season. it was exciting, just like old times, the boardroom was excellent, and i felt really happy for the women.

personally i wanted Piers to be fired because he acted like a jerk the entire time, not to mention he drove Hydra to their first loss.

the whole "joke on the women" thing just proves how different the celebrity contestants are from regular Apprentice contestants - while the regular Apprentice had a lot of crazies, i dont think they'd EVER stoop that low, lol. i thought it was fine at first cause it was a joke, but when they started to actually take it seriously was when it got out of control.
I think we all wanted Piers to be fired. If Vinny hadn't quit, I'm sure Piers would have gotten that ax. As you pointed out, he lead the men to their first loss (if they had concentrated more on the task instead of the joke they probably would have won), he's rude, his own teammates would rather him gone - he's like the Omorosa of the Celebrity Edition.

But, everything was exciting this episode. I also liked how we got to see more of how long each task takes. Instead of editing everything from the task into an hour, we got 2 hours, which was even better.

I still have a feeling we haven't seen the end of Vinny. If you take a look at the previews for next week, it's like part 2 of last night's episode. I'm already excited!
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