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Default Read an oral history of Pretty Wild, the E! reality show known for its "Bling Ring"

"Pretty Wild, which premiered on E! in 2010, was initially pitched as a comedic guilty pleasure, but almost immediately after filming began, it became a different, darker show," says Ilana Kaplan. "The series focused on three sisters — Alexis and Gabbie Neiers, 18 and 15, respectively, and 19-year-old Tess Taylor (their 'adoptive' sister who would often live with them to escape a toxic family situation) — plus their mother, Andrea Arlington, as they navigated the Hollywood social scene and chased fame. A season of pole dancing, making out with D-list singers and actors, and being homeschooled with a curriculum based on The Secret would’ve been wild enough. But a criminal investigation into Alexis Neiers’s involvement in the 'Bling Ring,' a series of Hollywood burglaries, changed the series’ narrative. It’s been ten years since Pretty Wild aired, and the cast and crew (minus Taylor, who declined to be interviewed) gave the Cut an inside look at how the entertaining — and, ultimately, exploitative — series was made."
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