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Originally Posted by stevea View Post
Toon In With Me - Tue. 10/19/21 - New Episode 192 "Bill 2: Algae Boogaloo"

Hare Ribbin' (Bugs - 1944 - Clampett) - story by Lou Lilly (who's he?)

Porky's Five & Ten (1938 - Clampett) - first time on MeTV

Surf-Bored Cat (Tom & Jerry - 1967 - Levitow)

Pantry Panic (Woody Woodpecker - 1941 - Walter Lantz) - so--with no promotion or notice, has MeTV acquired the Lantz catalog from Universal?? We'll see if this was just a one-off.

Woolen Under Where (Ralph Wolf, Sam Sheepdog - 1963 - Phil Monroe, Richard Thompson) - final cartoon in this series, probably completed after Chuck Jones had left Warners. Story by Jones.
Probably a test run to see if there is any interest before committing to a new library of cartoons.
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