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Angry The kids made Alice cry. Those Brady Brats!

Those Brady Brats giving her the cold shoulder for her just doing her job still ticks me off. They should have had to shine her shoes for the next year. Not to mention how they they tried to scare the hell out of her in the sculpture episode. I wish she had the chance to tell those ungrateful snots off. She saved the two youngest ones from a creepy predator next door for one thing. Where is the gratitude?

And what crime did she commit with Jan exactly? Why did she turn against her? And what about her promise never to stop wearing the silver locket she gave her to make her feel "special"? Jan had no loyalty to her fellow "middle" sis.

Marcia left Alice's record player that SHE won on ALL NIGHT!!! She should have apologized to Alice for being so careless instead of acting like SHE was the injured party in the situation.

And Peter and Greg. Really? Didn't you learn your lesson a couple years ago about not playing ball in the house? And you blame Alice for your own screw up?

At least Carol got the chance to tell them off. Florence Henderson was so great in that scene. Maybe her best acting ever on the show.
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