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I don't think the pictures shown of Curt in the Marines Magazine and a film frame were him. They just don't look like him, imo. Among other differences, they have different brow bone shapes and different ears, and they don't even look like each other.

However, I think the family used these photos as a spring board for Curt's sister to continue her search for him all the way to DC. I think her sightings of him there are more credible.

If you believe the federal government works in mysterious ways, or if you just plain old don't trust those effers (guess you can tell how I feel), then it's easy to explain why Curt's SS# came up as "never issued", and why the license plate on the red car, supposedly driven in DC by Curt, came back as registered to a man who says he knows nothing about Curt.

Well duh! If those plates are given out by the gov't for their own secret purposes, it's very likely that the plate on Curt's car wouldn't be registered to his own name and address, but to someone else working for secret gov't crap, and so on with everybody else's plates. That makes it easier to hide from whoever the gov't workers are supposed to be hiding from.

The phone call that the father received regarding the name of Curt's blonde haired baby sitter is somewhat unsettling to me. It's like whoever was on the phone with the dad wanted to make a positive connection between the dad and Curt, but then there was no further contact.

Or else maybe Curt just wanted to be sure that after all these years, those were really his folks, and an easy way to confirm that would be by asking a private question that only the family would know. Maybe he was actually spying on them the whole time, trying to make sure they were his family. Once he realized that they were (through the baby sitter question) then there was no reason to further endanger them or himself through those "chance" meetings at the park and on the roads.

One thing that I think is total BS is the explanation given by the gov't that the south asians had a viable trade in the "digging up and selling corpses" business. That gov't spokes blabber said that's why only several of Curt's teeth were recovered in a grave in Vietnam, but no other bones were found.

At first, the gov't spokes blabber called them "grave robbers". BS all over that. Grave robbers in modern times are not looking to supply cadavers to medical colleges. They are looking for valuables buried with the dead. They leave the bodies and take the jewelry, gold teeth, etc. I tried to find info on such activity, and doing a quick internet search only provides info on a drug trade that involved sending drugs from VN to the US in cadavers.

That's not what we're dealing with in Curt's case. In his case, he was supposedly buried in one location in VN. Then dug up and buried in another location in a grave robbing business. What money is there in digging up and reburying the dead? Seems like it would cost money to do that and would reap no rewards.

And who the heck were those two guys who kept meeting Curt's dad in the parking lots trying to get him to sign a document declaring Curt dead? The gov't spokes blabber may claim that they don't work in such an unprofessional manner, but come on! The gov't also runs the IRS, and Congress for crying out loud! And they don't exactly have "professional" stamped all over them.

After the dad finally signed the document, he received a check for over $40,000. I'm assuming it was drawn on some bank unrelated to the gov't and couldn't be traced to the gov't. Why would two strangers hound Curt's family to declare him dead, then send him forty grand for doing so?

And come to think of it, why did the family have to declare him dead? Curt was a marine in Vietnam. Why didn't the gov't just declare him 'killed in action' and be done with it? (Plus it had been over 20 years since he'd been last seen alive.) Then the gov't could move Curt into his new identity for whatever it is they wanted him to do.
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