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Woody: "I hate to admit it, everyone, but, I've been lying all these years.....I was born in New York , and my parents are stockbrokers!"

Sam: "I've decided to join the priesthood!"

Carla: "Geez, no matter WHAT i do, I just can't get pregnant!"

Eddie: " Flute, J'ai encore manque la rondelle, et c'est le but! Ils vont me deleguer a la club-ecole.....c'est la gingue!!!!"** ( Or in other words, we'll never hear SO-CALLED French-Canadian goalie Eddie Lebeq speak perfect ( or any ) French! )

**What Eddie says here is: "Damn, i missed the puck again, and they scored!
They're going to send me down to the farm team.....I have such bad luck!
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