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I remember tha Thanksgiving episode in which there was a breif appearance by Norm's wife. I believe that she walked into Carla's house and got a pie thrown in her face or something to that effect. However, I do not remember "any" episode of "Frasier" in which we saw Niles' first wife! Is the person who posted this message "sure" that such an episode took place? I thought that her presence was kind of like Stan from "Will and Grace" and the grownups in the "Peanuts" Commics. Also, on the series "Dear John" there was a character named Tom who "never" talked! I thought that the length that the writers went through to keep him from "ever" opening his mouth were fanominal!

Those of you who like "Frasier" might want to go to that page on this site and see the messages that I posted there. One thing that I would like to prepair you for is that I had "no" idea that the man who played Niles was gay! On top of that, one thing that would "really" make my day would be to get a response to the things that I said about the episodes with Felicity Huffman!
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