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Originally Posted by SitcomsHeydayfan View Post
That's impossible. On NBC you had to just turn on your TV. Millions don't even have Netflix and even of those who do only a small percentage will watch UM.

There are 120 million U.S. TV households in the U.S. The latest figures on the news said about HALF of homes get Netflix. Out of those that do get Netflix maybe 5% will watch UM?

Remember UM has a cult following on here but almost nobody in the public remembers it anymore. So there is NO way Netflix has the reach NBC had!
Just some quick math based on UM Nielson ratings and the above estimate of 148M Netflix subscriptions:
To reach the high-watermark of UM viewership, 11.2% (16.6M) of Netflix subscribers would have to watch it. To match the low point of UM viewership, 6% (8.6M) of Netflix subscribers would have to watch it.

Unsolved Mysteries (the '19 reboot) is being produced by the folks behind Stranger Things, which is a cultural behemoth that commands the attention of a large swath of Netflix subscribers (I'm guessing much more than 12% of subscribers).

I'm also a believer that UM shifting their time slot from Wednesday nights to Friday nights significantly reduced viewership. With Netflix, you could just watch whenever you feel, "you do you".

I'm also guessing that Film Rise's upload of the entire series to the "forbidden site" will significantly boost interest as well.
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