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Originally posted by White_Daisy

Dear Fonzie,
You're right, I shouldn't complain. But I almost got a date from Jennifer. And then some chick comes running into Arnold's screaming, "WHERE'S MY MAN?!?!" Suddenly, she turns red!! And starts lunging at me. So I run into the stall and I'm worried Fonzie. I didn't know what she was going to do. By the way, can you help me? She's dangling me over an open spit threatening to kill me if I don't break it off with Jennifer.

PS: HELP!!!!!
Webber, it is obvious this chick digs a lot. Even The Fonz has been taken by surprise that there's a chick that can be this devoted to a nerd. You want advice? Marry this chick! You'll probably never meet another one like her!
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