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Default Does Anyone Happen To Have ...

... a copy of the Green Acres special Nick at Nite aired around 1989/90? This was a retrospective hosted by Mark Summers. I've never seen it and as far as I know it isn't even on YouTube. I'd sure love to see it.

That period was a good time to be a GA fan. Nearly all the cast members were still around. Nick was heavily promoting the series and it was my first exposure to the show; seeing those nighttime reruns made me a lifelong fan. At the time of the aforementioned special, the full-blown reunion movie was looming, and I wouldn't be surprised if the popularity of the show on Nick is what led to the movie being greenlit at CBS. (Side note: I reviewed the movie in this forum, "In Defense of Return to Green Acres")

Anyway, if someone could dig up that special it would be nice to see. Some press from that era is hard to find. I did manage to locate (on YouTube) an interview with Eva discussing the reunion movie on the Joan Rivers show, as well as an audio clip of Eddie promoting it on the old Tom Snyder radio show.
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