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Originally Posted by rich p
Holly, I copied the rules from Post #1 made by tdf4077 the Moderator who started this game. It seems that many were losing sight of how the game is supposed to be played.

It is easy to misunderstand HOW a game is supposed to be played. With many games I have to go back to the first post to make sure I understand the rules. Which is something I had to do with THIS game otherwise I would not have had any idea of how to play it.

That's a good idea. yeah the people who do this game, confused me to. I thought it was the FIRST "Letter" Giving, So you do the FIRST Letter not LAST, a lot of people were doing the " LAST LETTER" & That's what confused me. So what EXACTLEY are we suppose to do on this game? ONLY THE FIRST LETTER RIGHT? Am i right on that one? , Let me know, Thanks.
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