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Sent the following message to Brad Meltzer, who did the Lost History program seeking JFK's missing brain:


When I say, "if everyone was truthful," it seems to me the entire "it's at Arlington" theory rests with this John Metzler, the cemetery superintendent who oversaw every aspect of the 1967 reinterment.

1. Nothing can have gone in the casket or the vault because the vault was sealed in 1963 and never reopened.

2. Nothing can have been put in the new grave before it was dug. (Duh.)

3. Nothing can have been put in the new grave, or the old one either for that matter, during the ceremony, or after it while people were still around--too many witnesses.

4. The only way anything can have gone in the new grave is if it was dug well before the ceremony, Bobby Kennedy (assuming he had the brain), paid this Metzler something to keep quiet while he put something in the bottom of the grave, then covered it so no one would know anything was down there. One would have to ascertain when the new grave was dug and try to account for Bobby's whereabouts the whole time it was open, assuming he didn't assign this vital job to someone else. (Not Teddy...please!)

5. If you don't believe in conspiracy theories, Bobby Kennedy is practically the only person with any motive to take the brain. Now, you don't suppose he just told whoever was in on it (Teddy, possibly Steve Smith and a choice few others), "Let's just keep the damn thing around, wait till the next family member dies" (supposing that to be one of his parents) "and put it in with them," meaning it is at Arlington--with him!

6. If you don't believe in conspiracy theories--and I don't want to, but I'd like to see anyone explain the discrepancies just between the film and the autopsy photos, along with about a million other things--there are far too many suspects to mention and I don't want to "go there." No one can prove Bobby took it--and if anyone (surviving) knows about it (his widow Ethel, and only surviving sister Jean would be among the few if any), they don't want to besmirch his memory and will take it to their own graves.

7. It would be undesirable to see people go poking around the grave as they did with Lincoln's, to the extent that his son had to have him encased in cement, but perhaps at some future date ground-penetrating technology will be sophisticated enough to tell if anything extra is in JFK or RFK's graves.

I remember seeing the headline "President Kennedy's Brain is Missing" at least 40 years ago and finding it pretty wild. Personally, I enjoyed your presentation of the case. You showed remarkable restraint not to show (or even mention) the brain-stealing scene from Young Frankenstein.

(End of Message.)

In all seriousness, I would think the Kennedy family would WANT. THIS. SOLVED! Not only to know the answers for themselves, but if you had every crackpot on the street approaching you claiming to have "figured out the solution," wouldn't you want to be able to say, "It's been solved; case closed." It just adds to the conspiracy theories that they did not launch their own investigations into the deaths of JFK and RFK--makes it look as if "they didn't want to be next."

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