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When did Dick York resign from Bewitched?

We know #167 Daddy Does his thing was his last appearance on the show, this is where he collapsed on the set leading to his resigning from the show.

#159 Samantha the Sculptress with Dick York completed filming on 11/27/68.

#167 Daddy Does His Thing completed filming on 2/25/69, but that was the portion that Dick York was no longer present for after he had left the show.

I believe around Dec..4th is the logical time that he collapsed on the set as that is when #167 Daddy Does His Thing should have completed filming a week after #159 Samantha the Sculptress.

They then filmed #160 Mrs. Stephens, Where Are You? 12/11/68 before shutting production down for a month as Bill Asher has said several times they did before deciding how to carry on with the show leading to their deciding to cast Dick Sargent as Darrin.

Although Dick York's departure from the show was not officially announced till around the 24th of January he had actually left the show during the first week of December and the announcement was delayed till they figured out how to proceed.

It was only a few days later that it was announced
that Dick Sargent had replaced Dick York as Darrin and as we know from Bill Asher that there was about a month between Dick York's departure and Dick Sargent's arrival this further confirms that Dick York left around December.4th the previous year and that he never returned to the set after his collapse nor did he film or even attempt to film any more scenes after his collapse.

Dick York himself said that right after that collapse on the set that after having been rushed to the hospital he told Bill Asher he was resigning from the show the same day he had a seizure.
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