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I do know who Pilato's "assistant" was.

Why York stopped working in the 1980s from Filmfax Magazine interview (issue 32 April/May 1992):

"I had to join AFTRA which cost me $900. (Johnny) Carson gave me $1,000 for half a day of work. By the time I paid the union and my agent the check came to $3.50. Then everything stopped. I didn't get anymore calls and that went on for a year. I started teaching acting in Hollywood. That kept me in money."

York was to discover that his agent had failed to register him properly with the Screen Actor's Guild. Therefore, they had no agent on record for York. York discovered this when he happened to speak to someone at the Screen Actor's Guild on anther matter. He mentioned his dry spell and was told that he had received plenty of calls, but since they had no agent listed for him, and were not allowed to give out home telephone numbers, they were unable to help prospective employers. That was the end of show business for Dick York.

Another article from the mid to late 1980s from the National Enquirer (sadly) had a tiny interview with Dick York where he mentioned his emphysema diagnosis. Although you never know with the National Enquirer, this time they had his diagnosis correct.


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